Have you heard of the Facebook messenger app that is specially meant for kids? If you haven’t, then you are really missing out. I present to your Facebook messenger kids. Well as of the time of this writing, this app and tool have been around for quite some time.

Facebook Messenger Kids


Facebook Messenger Kids | Facebook Messenger Kids App 

We all know how Facebook is the best social media platform and all that. Well and we all know that the Facebook platform is a place that is not made for kids. It’s not like the platform is X-rated or anything of the sort. But once in a time, some relay matured contents can be shared on the platform including information and media. And most of these things might not be suitable for the younger audience.

For these reasons and many more, Facebook has come up with a solution and a very effective and brilliant one that, Facebook came up with messenger kids, one of the most brilliant innovations on the platform.

With the introduction of the messenger kids, kids will be given their own space on the platform. A space where they can express themselves and be whoever they want to be. And in this space, they will also have endless fun. Now, how do these messenger kids work?

What Are Messenger Kids And How Does It Work | Kids Messenger Facebook

Messenger kids as the name implies is a kid messaging app. This app will enable kids who make use of it to keep in touch with friends and family members. This app and platform contain lots of cool and interesting features to make every kid want to make use of it. Some of the features of this app include messaging, video calling, games, and fun-loving stickers.

This app is so special in the sense that although it is made for kids, kids, however, can’t have access to it without the consent of their parents. Every activity carried out by a kid on this platform is vetted by the parent. From the contact list to other activities on this app, the parents have got absolute control. And all these can be done from the parents own Facebook account.

The parents of a kid get to set up and also manage their kid’s messenger accounts from their own account. Friending on the platform is also supervised by the parents in the sense that a child can’t be friends with you without the green light from the parents. In other words, a kid can only be friends with a person the parent approves. An adult member who is added to a kid’s contacts can connect to a kid via messenger.

How To Download The Messenger Kids App

This app is only available in selected regions across the globe. This app is available on the Apple app store for iOS devices and the Amazon app store for fire tablets. The messenger kid’s app is also available on the Google play store for android devices. Therefore to download this app go to your device’s app store, search for it and that’s it.

How To Set Up A Messenger Kids Account For Your Child

Setting up a messenger kid’s account for your child is easy and you will have to do it from your own account as a parent or legal guardian. To create messenger kids account for your child;

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • On your news feed, in the left column, click on messenger kids. If you do not see it, click on the see more tab and scroll down the page.
  • Click on create another account, under the accounts you manage.
  • Enter your Childs first and last name in the spaces provided for it.
  • Click on continue and then create an account.
  • Lastly, click on done.

That’s it. You have just set up an account for your kid on the messenger kid’s app.


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