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A new social media app for pre-teens has been launched by Facebook. It’s a Facebook messenger app that was built for kids. Kids can now connect with their friends and family via the Facebook messenger app for kids. The app created by Facebook for kids is called messenger kids. It’s a free and safe app where kids can make video calls and send messages under the watch of their parents. ‘Facebook Messenger kids’ is a new social media app that was built by Facebook for kids. It’s a new version of Facebook that was built for pre-teens. It’s a platform where kids can chat and video call with friends approved by their parents. Unlike other Facebook apps, messenger kids is add free. It’s free to download and there are no in-app purchases.

Facebook Messenger kids - Create a Messenger Kids Account

Facebook Messenger Kids – Messenger Kids App

The messenger kid app is designed for children under age 6-12. This facebook tool has a lot of features for kids to connect with the people they love. A library of suitable and specially selected GIFs, frames, stickers, masks and drawing tools for kids let them decorate their content and express their selves. The home screen shows them at a glimpse of who they are approved to talk to and it also shows them when those contacts are online. With messenger kids, kids can engage in a conversation with their friends and family online without creating a Facebook account, which is only available for children from age 13.

Messenger Kids – Benefits of Messenger Kids 

Messenger kids also have some parental controls. Parents have control over their child’s contact list and they are the ones to decide who the child can communicate with. Parents are also the ones to initiate all contact requests. And also kids’ messages cannot be hidden or deleted. The app also has a sleep mode which means that parents will be able to set an off time for messenger kids on a child’s device. When the app is on sleep mode the child won’t be able to access the app or receive messages. Parents can also add and delete contacts that they want or don’t want and also they will be able to delete their child’s account and also create a new account from the control panel. Kids won’t be able to create a messenger kids account or add any contact without the approval of their parents.

Kids must get a warrant from their parents through their parents Facebook account. Parents won’t need to download another app to chat with their kids, they can chat with their kids through their own messenger app. creating a messenger kids account is not the same as creating a Facebook account. This facebook account will not automatically convert into Facebook account when your kid turns 13. This facebook tool is available in the ios app store for iPad, iPod touch and iPhones in the Amazon App store for fire tablets. And on google play store for all other Android devices.

Facebook Messenger kids – How to Create a Facebook Messenger Kids Account

For you to create a messenger kids account for your child, you need to

  1. Download the messenger kids’ app from the app store into your child’s device and press the install button.
  2. open the app and tap get started.
  3. Tap authorize device
  4. Then enter your Facebook login information and tap ‘authorize device’.
  5. Tap ‘create’ account and follow the instructions on the screen

After you’ve created your child’s account you need to tap take a photo, then you choose a color to decorate the app, then you tap continue. Once your kid account has been created they can start a one-on-one or group chat with friends and families.


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