How to Add Facebook Open Graph to your Page
Facebook open graph is a set of programming tools that enables you to get information in and out of Facebook. This Facebook open graph API was launched in the year 2010, April and it allows you to be able to connect your site to Facebook.

Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Social Plugins

This Facebook social plugins has introduce different kind plugins that you can easily drop into your site. And they are;

  • Like button
  • Activity feed
  • Recommendations
  • Like box
  • Login button
  • Face pile
  • Comments
  • Live stream

The idea behind all this plugins is that you can include them on your pages easily, and make your pages social objects part of the Facebook open graph. This helps your page to become more closely integrated with Facebook, even to the point of becoming extended Facebook pages hosted on your domain.

The like’s button – Facebook Open Graph

This like button turns any of your pages into a Facebook fan page through hosted on your website. And when people tend to visit your page and they click on the like button they automatically become a fan of the page. This means that the link is shared with their network on Facebook. And also you will able to add content to their Facebook news feed. Anyone who comes to your site and like a page will automatically become a fan and you can send them different content in their news feed. Your users will not be aware that they have implicitly giving you this permission. So you need to treat this capability with great respect until Facebook creates controls for users to deal with this functionality.

How to Add Facebook Open Graph to your Page

Adding a Facebook Open Graph is very easy. All you need to do is just to follow the steps that guide you carefully and you will be able to do this.

  • Make sure you add some meta tags to your page and HTML to ensure that your effort are effective, you must make sure that someone is in charge of administering your Facebook presence.
  • If you want to make sure Facebook open graph is added to your website. Make sure you point your developers at the following link to kick start them;

Facebook social plugins; this will allow you to be able to integrate Facebook social feature on your blog. This also enables easy addition of the social plugins to your own plugin with just a few clicks. You have access to control the like’s button and also choose where and how it should appear.

Note; the activity feed, comments, the like box and recommendation are also available as widgets. And the comments widget is available only if you provide a Facebook application ID.


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