Facebook Phone Number Search? Looking for how to find a Facebook account by phone, or how to search for a phone number on Facebook? I encourage you to get a seat because this article will provide a step-by-step guide on Facebook phone number search.

Facebook Phone Number Search

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Have you tried to find someone’s account or phone number on Facebook but to no avail? If Yes, you will not want to miss out on what this content has for you.

Facebook Phone Number Search – Find my Facebook Account

Facebook has billions of users, you can imagine searching for a user account using the person’s name, and most times you come across plenty of accounts with that same name on the result page.

When you search for a Facebook account and you see a list of accounts with the same name, it can be frustrating. Where do you want to start from? and is not everyone has the patience to view the profile pictures of the accounts one after the other.

However, to avoid wasting your time searching for someone using the name, it is better you search by phone number. One of the reasons for this write-up is to teach you how to simplify your Facebook search.

How to find a Facebook Account by Phone Number – Facebook Number Search

Are you searching for a business account on FB? Once you have their phone number, you’re good to go.

  • Go to your Facebook account at facebook.com
  • Log in to Facebook, if you aren’t already.
  • Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the phone number of the account you’re searching for and hit return.

Make sure to include the area code to increase your chances of success. If the phone number is associated with a Facebook account, you should see the correct result showing at the top of the page.

Facebook Mobile App to find an account using a Phone Number

To perform a Facebook search by phone number on your Facebook app, do the following;

  • Launch the Facebook App.
  • Sign in to Facebook
  • Tap the search icon in the top right corner.
  • Enter the phone number with no breaks or formatting, and include the area code.
  • Click on the search button,
  • The result page should pop up

Kindly follow the search result to find the business’s, Facebook Page.

Major Issues with finding someone on Facebook by phone number

Due to privacy, most times finding a friend’s account by phone seems difficult. Take, for instance, if the Facebook account you want to find has privacy settings enabled (like ‘friends of friends) on their phone number, you won’t be able to find them if you have no mutual friends.

Facebook Search results in privacy Notice

Here is how to know if your friend has privacy settings enabled;

  • Your search will pop up a load of random results – but not your friend!
  • Sometimes it doesn’t even work when you’re already friends with someone.

Find out another trick to find your friend on Facebook below.

Find someone on Facebook with a Phone Number area code and name – Facebook with Phone Number

If you know the person’s name, you can use the area code of their phone number to find the person’s location.

For example, am looking for David Mark – 257 888 8888

  • Go to Google and type in “Area code 257” ( changing the area code of the phone number you have for 257)
  • You will see the location where David Mark lives ( he lives in New York)
  • Go to Facebook search and type in David Mark New York)

This is another trick to narrow the search results and make finding my friend easier.

Best way to find someone on Facebook with a Phone Number 2023

To save yourself from the stress of searching for a friend on Facebook by name or phone number, you can request their Facebook account link. Alternatively, you can give the person your own account link to send their friend’s request.

 How to Find Someone’s Facebook ID using a Mobile Number

If someone has their mobile number listed and searchable on Facebook, it may help you find them. When you find the person, you can also use it to find their Facebook ID or username. Then tap on their account to locate their FB profile

The person’s ID or username will be on the URL at the top of the page. It will look like this ‘www.facebook.com/namenumber/’

The ‘name number’ part will be their ID on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Facebook Phone Number Search

Here are the FAQs and their respective answers;

How do I perform a Facebook search by phone number on Android?

Launch the Facebook app on your Android phone. On your Facebook account news feed, go to the search bar at the top and enter the phone number of the person, you want to find.

How Do I Perform a Facebook search by phone number iPhone?

Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone device. On your FB account news feed, scroll to the search icon. Enter the phone number and then search.

Can you search for a phone number on Facebook?

Yes, you can search for phone numbers on Facebook. Go to www.facebook.com and log in to your account. Scroll to the search engine and enter the phone number of the person you want to find.

Can you find someone’s Facebook with their phone number?

Yes you can find someone on Facebook with their phone number, once the phone number is linked to their Facebook account

Can you find someone by their phone number on Facebook?

Yes, you can find someone by their phone number on Facebook. Just enter the person’s phone number on the search tool at the top of your FB newsfeed.


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