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A lot of people often think they are immune to facebook ads. But let’s be real you do manage to get seduced from time to time. Facebook recent ad activity is the latest employed means for you to see all the ads you recently interacted with and easily follow up on the ones you care about. Facebook quietly rolled out this feature to enable U.S users (both desktop and mobile). So that they can visit and view all the recent ads they have interacted with in the past. As a lot of people think (publishers in particular) this feature could be a boom for advertisers who wish to be remembered.

Facebook Recent Ad Activity - www.Facebook.com

The facebook recent ad activity gives facebook users exclusive access to click on an old ad either to make purchases they liked before or make a new one. Facebook has repeatedly refused to disclose the content of these ads publicly. With a search warrant, facebook has given information about these ads content, targeting and buyers to counsel Robert Mueller as part of his investigation into Russian meddling in the election according to CNN. Luckily the facebook recent ads activity happens to show up to three months or so of ads you clicked.

Benefits of Facebook Recent Ad Activity

Many of us know how impossible it can be to find a facebook ad that led you somewhere. And you wish to revisit and you do not remember the URL or page title. The facebook recent ad activity is introduced for this purpose. Maybe you even want to track the ad publisher but can’t find the ad. The benefit of the facebook recent ad activity allows you to interact with ads you clicked on before and that is the main benefit as the general public is concerned. Another benefit known is that you can save the ads you see on the facebook recent ad activity for easier accessing later on.

How to Access and Use Facebook Recent Ad Activity

Facebook recent ad activity is not difficult to access. Although, the general public see this difficult as they do not know where to start accessing this feature. But here is the simple trick; Login your facebook account at the official facebook website www.facebook.com. On your news feed click on the see more icon under the explore dropdown by the left navigation pane. Click on recent ad activity and that is it.

Note: you must be using a desktop version to use this procedure. You can do this from your mobile device browser settings.


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