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Facebook search groups can mean a lot of things. It all depends on the perspective you are looking at it from. Facebook search groups can mean a way to search for Facebook groups. On the other hand, it can also mean a way to search for posts on Facebook groups. Whichever one you are searching for; I would be showing you in this article. There are a lot of things that you would learn from this article. This is one of the reasons I suggest you read this article to the end without skipping any paragraph.

Facebook Search Group

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Facebook Search Groups

If you want to join a particular Facebook group, then using the Facebook search group tool is a good idea. You can use the Facebook group’s search tool to easily find any group on the Facebook platform. If you are also looking for a particular post or text in a group, then you also need the Facebook search group too. Now, the Facebook search group tool is not special too. It can be located in different places. Before you can get access to either of these tools, you need a Facebook account. Read the next paragraph to sign up for a Facebook account.

Create Facebook Account New

Creating a new Facebook account is very easy. All you need is a mobile number or an email address. You should also be or above the age of thirteen if you want to create a regular Facebook account. If you meet the requirements, follow the steps below to create a Facebook account.

  • Open the web browser on your device. You can also use the mobile application.
  • If you aren’t logged in to any Facebook account, you should see a log in page on opening the app or website.
  • Find the sign up link below the sign in form and click on it.
  • After clicking the link, the sign up form would be displayed to you. Simply fill this form with your personal information. Please make sure that the information entered is correct as it might be difficult to change it later on.
  • The next step is to verify your mobile number or email address.

After verification, simply follow the recommended Facebook steps to get your account fired up.

Facebook Search History

The Facebook search history is another thing many people don’t know how to find on the Facebook platform. Most people don’t even know that Facebook saves searches they made on their account. The reason Facebook saves this search for you is to make thongs easier for you when looking for that particular search again. Follow the steps below to view your Facebook search history.

  • Go the profile page on your Facebook account. Make sure you are logged in to the account you want to view the search history as the activity log would only be visible to you.
  • Find the “Activity Log” link on your Facebook account and click on it.
  • Click on the “Filter” button.
  • Scroll down to “Search History” and click on it.

You would now have a full list of your Facebook search history. You can also delete these histories if you like.

Facebook Group Search

The Facebook group search here would be used to search for Facebook groups. If you have a particular group you want to join or search for, then you should use this tool. Now, this tool is the regular Facebook search bar but tweaked a little. Follow the steps below to search for Facebook groups.

  • Open the Facebook web or application.
  • Hit the search bar from your newsfeed and make a search for the group you would like to find.
  • From the Facebook search filter options, click on “Groups”.

That’s it. The page that would be displayed would contain a full list of all the Facebook groups with that name.

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How to Search for Posts on Facebook Groups

This is a tricky question that people don’t know the answer to. I bet you that more than sixty percent of Facebook users don’t know how to do this. It may probably because they don’t have a need for it or because they think it is impossible. Well, it is possible. Follow the steps below to search for post on Facebook groups.

  • Open the Facebook group that you want to search for a post on.
  • You should see a search icon beside the top navigation of the Facebook group.
  • Type in the term you want to search for.

Hit “Enter” to make your search. After making your search, you would find out that the search is limited to the Facebook group you are on.

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