Facebook is still on the top list of the best social media platforms to use with awesome features. Facebook Shortcut Bar is the latest feature you can use on the platform. It never ceases to amaze its users with its awesome feature releases. Well, not long after the release of Facebook Dating, the platform came out with another feature, Shortcut Bar.

Facebook Shortcut Bar - Facebook Notification Dots | Download Facebook App

This feature is like a prayer answered for those who seem to receive unnecessary notifications on their accounts. The shortcut bar feature allows users to personalize their notification options. Want to find out more, right? Then read on and pay close attention.

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Facebook Shortcut Bar

Facebook Shortcut Bar is a new feature on the platform that allows users to personalize their navigation tabs by deciding the ones they wish to receive notifications from. With this feature, you can now control what appears on your navigation bar. But this feature can only be accessed using the Facebook app.

Actually, I believe this shortcut bar feature can help save the sanity of most users who aren’t fond of the distractions with notifications. The major work of the Facebook Shortcut bar is to remove notification dots and also tabs on your account. The process is simple and very fast to do.

Facebook Shortcut

Facebook gives users the right to personalizing their navigation tab. Remove and also stop notifications from some. Turning off the icons doesn’t mean you won’t be able to activate them again.

The same process you use in turning them off is the same process for turning them on back. Yes, you can only see or use this feature using the mobile application for smart devices. Then logging in. Well, let’s dive into how to download the app.

Download Facebook App

Facebook application is a social media platform that allows better, faster, and easier navigations for users. It can be used on any device type tat including iOS and Android. In order words, you can download or install the app on your Android or iOS smart.

The fact that the shortcut bar feature is only accessible on the mobile app, you need to get the app. Follow below to get the app on your smart device;

  • On your smart device home page and launch AppStore (Apple or Google play store).
  • Navigate to the search box and type in Facebook.
  • In order to load the information page for downloading the app would be loaded once you tap on the first search result.
  • Tap on “Install” or “Get” to proceed.

If you have a good data connection, the app would be installed on the device immediately. Now, that you have the social media app, you need to log in to your account personalize your shortcut bar.

Facebook Login

Facebook allows access to its platform for those who have a login. That is to say, you need to have an account to carry out activity including personalizing your shortcut bar. Well, you can create a new account if you do not have but first let’s log in.

Since the feature is only for mobile devices, we are going to use the app. Follow below;

  • Launch the app and tap on “Login”.
  • Fill in your user detail (email ID or mobile number and password).
  • Tap on “Login” to proceed.

The account will be loaded on the page if the details are right. Forgot your password? Tap on “Forgot password” to reset.

How to Sign Up for Facebook

Signing up for a Facebook account is simple and free. To do that, follow the instructions below;

  • Launch the app and select “Create New Account”.
  • Provide your first name and last name on the form.
  • Your date of birth and gender.
  • Input your phone number or email.
  • Create a password and tap on “Sign Up”.

Accept the terms and policies of the platform to commence. Then in order to complete your creation, confirm the email or number. Now you have an account, you can personalize the shortcut bar.

How to Personalize Your Facebook Shortcut Bar

Like I said earlier above, Facebook for iOS or Android is what you need if you wish to personalize your shortcut bar. You can change and personalize your shortcuts and also tur off with the steps below;

Personalize shortcut bar;

  • Open the app.
  • Tap on your menu button on the shortcut bar, then select “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Select or tap on “Settings” and “Shortcut Bar” below the shortcuts.
  • Then tap on next in order to toggle between on and off.

Turning off Notification dots;

  • Tap and hold on to a shortcut icon you wish to remove or turn off.
  • Then tap on “Turn off Notification dots” to put off. Or select “Remove from Shortcut bar” if you’d like to remove it.

As I said, the process pattern or process is simple and quick to do. If you follow the steps above, now you have successfully personalized your home page.


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