Facebook timeline – How to Access the Facebook Timeline


What is the Facebook timeline? Unfortunately, most Facebook users make use of this Facebook feature but little to no idea do they have concerning this Facebook feature. The Facebook timeline feature of the Facebook community is very important. I will be telling you what this Facebook feature is shortly, but first, let me tell you what a timeline is. A timeline is a list or display of events in a sequential manner. It is usually accompanied with dates and events.

Facebook timeline - How to Access the Facebook Timeline

On The other hand, a Facebook timeline is where every Facebook user shares posts, photos and all of their experiences on the Facebook platform. The Facebook timeline is not limited to a few Facebook users. This feature is available to all registered users of the Facebook community. The importance of the Facebook cannot be overemphasized. In this Feature, there are numerous things in which a user can do. In this Facebook feature, a Facebook user can easily edit and update his or her personal information on Facebook.

A user can also update his or her status here. You can also view and review your Facebook activity log. The above and a host of other things can be done in this Facebook feature. As important as this feature is most Facebook users have not made use of it. There are some who have made use of this feature but have no knowledge about it.

Difference Between a Facebook Timeline and a Facebook News Feed

Most users mistake the Facebook wall or timeline for the Facebook news feed. In case you are wondering what a Facebook wall is, here it is. A Facebook wall is just the old name for the Facebook timeline. The difference between the Facebook timeline and the news feed is somewhat thin. The Facebook news feed is a stream. Or a list rather, of your friends Facebook activities. The Facebook timeline is a list of your own Facebook activities. It’s that simple. As one is for friends the other one is for you.

How to Access and Make Use Of the Facebook Timeline

Accessing the Facebook timeline shouldn’t cause you much trouble. All you need to do is follow the steps below;

  1. On your Facebook page click on your name close to your picture or profile icon.
  2. The next page that will load is your Facebook timeline.

Like I said earlier it’s that easy. There’s a catch here though if you want o make use of this Facebook feature. Of course, it is a Facebook feature; therefore you must be a registered user of the Facebook platform. To register for a Facebook account or to create a Facebook account for simplicity, Visit the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com.



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