Facebook Unfriend App: Facebook Unfriend | How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

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Are you looking for a Facebook Unfriend App? what can you use to know if someone has unfriended you? if you have looked but could not find any then you have come to the right article.

Facebook Unfriend App

In this post, we will show the app that you can use to find out who has unfriended you. we are also going to show you how can unfriend someone on FB.

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So, all you have to do is read through to the end of this post to find out more as we have a lot for you.

Facebook Unfriend App

So many people get worried because of their FB account. one of the reasons for that is because they find out that their find count is getting lower and they don’t even know what is causing it.

One of the explanations for it is that some of their friends are beginning to unfriend. But you can be sure about that as Facebook does not really have a way to know if someone has unfriended you.

That is why many people have gone into looking for the Facebook Unfriend App. The Facebook Unfriend App is developed to help people know they have unfriended and by whom.

To use this app, you must first download and install it into your device then when someone unfriends you will be notified so that you know who did the act.

Facebook Unfriend

Facebook Unfriend is a feature on this social media network that allows every and any user on it to unfriend anyone at any time.

This feature was made available on FB to ensure that nobody becomes a burden as a friend. So, whenever you feel your friendship with a particular person isn’t working well you can just use the Unfriend feature.

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

If you are tired of chatting with a particular and you can stop the friendship by simply unfriending them. If you don’t know how to do that then follow the steps below.

  • Go to your FB and go to the person’s profile that you want to unfriend.
  • Click on the “Person Shape Icon” at the top of the profile.
  • Click on “Unfriend”.
  • Now click on “Confirm”.

That is how easy it is to stop a friend who is disturbing you on FB by just unfriending them.

You should note that when you unfriend someone they won’t know or be notified by Facebook. You will also be removed from the person’s friend list.

You can just add them again as friends when you feel or need to.

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How to Find Out If Someone Unfriended You On Facebook

Facebook doesn’t notify you if someone has unfriended you. So that means you won’t know. However, there are ways to know.

This is possible via the app called “WHO UNFRIENDED ME”. This app is available to be downloaded to your mobile devices.

Once you have downloaded the app you will be notified when such things happen.

Download Who Unfriended Me App

The app is available for Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Follow the guidelines below on how to download the app.

  • On your mobile store open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Search for “Who Unfriended Me”
  • Once you see the result tap on “install” for Android users and “Get” for iOS users and the app will be downloaded into your device immediately.

There you have. Now that you downloaded the app, open it, and log in to your FB account on it. anything you open the app again you will be notified that someone unfriended you.

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