Facebook Valentine on Messenger – Facebook Valentine on Messenger Latest Feature

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Valentine is coming, and lots of people from around the world are already planning several ways to surprise their partners, and one of those ways is on Facebook Messenger. As a Facebook user, by now you should have known that all the popular holidays in the world is being celebrated on Facebook. and by now, you should already be seeing interesting Post made by account owners and Facebook themselves just to spice up the platform for all lovers and everyone celebrating the holiday.

Facebook Valentine on Messenger

If you are now looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s day on Facebook Messenger, well this article has everything you need to enjoy your Valentine’s day. Facebook is a Platform where love extends far beyond friends, families, and to all that is dear to us. Using Facebook messengers to celebrate valentine would give you more than connections and happy memories that you would not want to forget.

Facebook Valentine on Messenger Latest Feature

Currently, Messenger has been equipped with some of the best features to help not only couples share their love, but to spread valentine’s day feelings to every singles person on Facebook. if you are conversant with the interesting news from the Facebook messenger, you would discover that the platform is now creating a new feature for all the couples on the platform.

Starting from the 14th of February, if any two couples declare that they are in a relationship, the Facebook messenger will open with a shower of hearts, then further invite the couples to customize text color, emoji, and nickname. With this feature, your significant other would be placed at the top of your contact list, along with the friends your frequently chat with on messenger. This Emoji 😍 would be set as your custom emoji.

This change would take place whenever a couple on Facebook messenger declared that they are in a:

  • Relationship
  • Engaged
  • Married
  • in a Civil Union
  • In a Domestic Partnership
  • Or in an Open relationship.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has a lot of interesting features even though its basic function is to chat, but on this valentine, things changed. Every year there is always something new to see on the messenger. If you have been using Facebook for quite some time now you should have noticed that there were no stories, but with time, Facebook added stories to it. Now, the new couple’s features are being introduced, telling you that Facebook messenger is set for Valentine, and probably any other upcoming holiday.

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