Facebook Video Call – How to Activate Facebook Video Call

Do you want to know How to activate Facebook Video call? Facebook has a lot features and video call is one of them. Have you ever imagine on seeing faces with the people you chat with on Facebook? It is very easy to do that because Facebook has made it easy for you to get access to seeing faces of your loved ones and even friends you have never seen before.

Facebook Video Call

Facebook is really a very good social media because they keep making new updates. With the introduction of the Facebook video call.

Why Facebook video call?

If you are wondering why you would use Facebook video call? When you can actually chat with the person and meet up with the person. With this Facebook video call you can get to see faces of your families and friends who are away and also get to see the faces of your friend and love once. And also get to feel the presence of your friends and families.

What do you need for a safe Facebook Video Call?

If you want to have a safe and comfortable Video call on Facebook. All you just need to do is make sure you have a stabled internet connection. And make sure you are using Facebook messenger. And also make sure that your mobile device or your Pc has a stabled internet connection.

How to Activate Facebook Video Call

This is very easy if you follow the steps very well

You have to open your browser, then you login your Facebook account. If you have done that then you have to locate the person you want to call. Then you look at the top right corner of the chat page. You will see the video camera icon, click on it and its starts calling the person. And once the person picks the call you will both see each other live.

Note; you can only Video call on Facebook when using Facebook Messenger.

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