The Facebook Watch Feature is one of the easiest places to get entertainment on Facebook nowadays. Facebook is said to be like YouTube. It is a platform where you can watch Facebook videos for free. The videos can also be downloaded using any Facebook video downloader app or website.

The Facebook watch feature comprises the videos on pages you have recently liked or interacted with. You can always find a new series on this platform to keep you updated and fun-filled.

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Facebook Watch Feature

You must note that this is a feature on Facebook and using this feature requires you to own a Facebook account. This is very necessary to help you stay updated. You also have to note that the Facebook watch cannot be used in free mode as it requires data to stream the videos.

How to Open a Facebook Account

You can open a Facebook account from different platforms. You can also open one from the Facebook messenger app. To open a Facebook account for free, follow the guides below;

  • Open any of the Facebook apps on your device or the Facebook website at
  • When the page loads, you would see a sign-up button if you use any of the mobile devices or the web version. If you use a desktop or PC, scroll down and you would find the sign-up form.
  • On whichever device you are using, you will find the sign-up form. Fill in the form with your personal details and click the sign-up button again.
  • After clicking you would have to verify your email address or mobile number, you can do this by following the on-screen instructions.

After verifying your mobile number, complete the setup steps to finish setting up your Facebook account.

How to Get on Facebook Watch 

After getting a Facebook account, you can easily access the Facebook watch. You can access this feature from the Facebook lite app or the normal Facebook app. 

Note; you cannot find this feature on the messenger app.

Facebook Watch App

To access this feature on the mobile Facebook application, log in to Facebook using the account you just created.

  • After logging in, you would see an icon like that of YouTube on the top navigation.
  • Click on it to find the Facebook watch.
  • Click the ‘discover’ button to find new pages to subscribe to.

How to Access Facebook Watch on Web

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click “Facebook watch” from the left navigation.

You can now find the watch page where you can stream any video there for free.


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