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Who else would love to design their business page profile with a nice Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo? If you would love to, then you just have to stay right in this article. There is no doubt that Facebook has been able to keep its billions of users with amazing features. Each of these features has people keep in touch with each other. Right now, it is fully possible for businesses to connect and keep in touch with their customers. There is just no doubt that you may get to find your potential customers from the billions of users on Facebook.

Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo

Knowing that Facebook could be an effective marketing tool, you should get a help marketing strategy. Your cover photo could just be what you need! Stay right on this article, as you get to know how you can use Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo effectively.

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Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo

This social media giant, Facebook, which started out as a platform for college students, has become a global platform. It has always been a platform where people get to meet new friends, keep in touch with loved ones, discover businesses, promote businesses, get in touch with customers, scope out romantic interests, and so much more to mention. Now that this social platform is used for marketing and business purposes, this should be your huge chance.

There are about 2 billion active users on this platform. What does this tell you? You could get your business right in front of potential customers! Your Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo could definitely help you out on this.

Now, you may begin to wonder what a Facebook cover photo is all about, right? There is no doubt you must have seen a large image occupying the top of your profile. Yes, that is your cover photo or Cover Banner, as some may call it. This photo welcomes people to a business page or even personal profile. With this, it is important that you optimize it effectively. Now, you may begin to wonder how the Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo comes in, right? Let’s dive in!

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Facebook Cover Photo

A cover photo is an image that stands on a Facebook profile. These cover photos are usually large graphics that welcomes visitors to a personal or business profile. Knowing that they welcome your audience to your page, you just have to make use of this space to the fullest. Your cover photo appears right on your timeline. This means your followers will get to see it once they visit your profile. They will also get a notification on their feed once you change your cover photo.

Thanks to the size of this image, users get to convey more messages using this cover banner than a profile picture. This space may contain a photo of a product, your team, promotions, and any other entertaining graphics that fit the message you want to convey to people out there. They could even include Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo, as a creative way to attract your audience.

Facebook Cover Photo Design

If you’re set to use Facebook for business, then your cover image has to be branded and represent your business. Taking a Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo, you could create and upload a create weekday image that promotes your business in an entertaining, fun, but professional way!

When designing and creating your Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo, you should keep in mind that it has to be of high-quality. Not just that! It has to be greatly optimized for display, which means you have to know the perfect cover image size.

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The Complete Facebook Cover Photo Size Guide

According to Facebook, your cover image should display at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall for computer devices. For smartphones, it displays at 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. This is a great point, as it helps your photo display perfectly.

Create Facebook Cover Photos

Now, you know the right dimensions in creating your Facebook Weekdays Cover Photo or any other cover image. There are so many online platforms that help you design professional photos just for you! However, there are certain rules to guide you on creating this cover photo.

  • You have to abide by the Facebook cover guidelines.
  • Make sure you are not violating any copyrights.
  • Ensure never to break any of the Facebook advertising rules with your cover photo.
  • Make sure to use a simple image with a clear message and focal point.
  • Optimize this image so it appears perfectly for both mobile and computer devices.
  • Learn to change and update this photo regularly.

How to Change a Facebook Cover Photo

It is absolutely easy to upload or change your cover photo! You just have to go to your profile and scroll to the cover photo section. On the cover photo, you have to tap on the camera icon, which says “Update Cover photo”. From here, you have to click on “Upload Photo” and select the image from the device and it will appear.

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