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Do you know of the Facebook Word with Friends game? Many users may have known about the word with friends’ mobile games. It has officially been added to the Facebook platform, and users can now play with their other Facebook friends on the platform instead of downloading it separately. There are lots of games added to the Facebook platform including the very best most played word with friends.

Facebook Word with Friends

It is free and easy to access, and it does not require any other activation to run. It will be useful to you if you read more on this article. I will be providing all the required information based on Facebook words with friends and also Facebook Gameroom.

Facebook Words with Friends

The Facebook platform has added a Gameroom centre to its platform. Facebook users can use this Gameroom centre to indulge in fun activities either by themselves or with others of their Facebook friends. There are lots of games to be found on the Facebook Gameroom centre some include; flip bottle, bike rush, jumpy jumpy, and lots more. These gaming activities can only be operated on by Facebook users.

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Facebook Gameroom

The Facebook Gameroom is a windows-native client available as a free download for game players worldwide. This platform is a gaming centre that allows the Facebook users to involve in gaming activities via the Facebook platform. The Facebook Gameroom can be downloaded on its own from the Facebook platform. Bringing you varieties of games you might love to try.

Some Games in the Facebook Gameroom

Some of the best-listed games found on the Facebook Gameroom are:

  • Words with Friends
  • Call of duty
  • Tank wars
  • Real sexy lady
  • Chop chop
  • Jumpy jumpy
  • Cooking adventure

And a lot more other fun games you would love to play.

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Facebook Words with Friends Download

Facebook Words with Friends can be downloaded alongside other games on Facebook Gameroom. It is easy to download Facebook Gameroom. Here are the steps to which you can get the Facebook Gameroom downloaded:

  • Go to the Facebook site directly by clicking on this link facebook.com.
  • Sign in with your Facebook account username and password.
  • Go to the Facebook Homepage.
  • Click on “See More”, and then click on “Games”.
  • From the listed options at the top, click on “Download Gameroom”.
  • Click on Install at the bottom of the popup page.

The Facebook Gameroom will be automatically ready for you to install.

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How to Play Facebook Words with Friends

Now that you have known about the Facebook word with friends, here is how you can play the game on your Facebook platform:

Facebook Sign Up

First, you will have to Sign Up for Facebook:

  • Go to the Facebook site facebook.com.
  • Then click on “Sign Up” or “Create an account”.
  • Provide the required information.
  • Input the verification code sent to your mobile or mail.
  • Click on continue.

You will get to your Facebook homepage.

How to Play

On Facebook Web:

  • Go to the Facebook official site facebook.com.
  • Log in using your account username and password.
  • Click on the Facebook menu icon.
  • After which you click on “See More”, and then “Games”.
  • From the listed games, click on Words with Friends.
  • Click on Play Now.


  • Tap on words with friends from the search bar.
  • Then click on the “words with friends” official page with a blue tick on it.
  • From the game page, click on Play Game

After a while, the game will load and you can start your game quest with other of your friends or by yourself.

On Facebook Messenger App:

  • Launch the Facebook messenger application on your mobile phone.
  • Login with your account username and password.
  • Tap and search for Words with Friends from the search bar.
  • Then select from the list of displayed search items “Words with Friends” under App Page.
  • Finally, tap on the play icon from the bottom right section of the page.

You can now enjoy!

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