The term Facebook world vision can mean two different things. Starting off, Facebook’s world vision can mean the vision Facebook has for the world. On the other hand, it can mean the world vision page on Facebook. Whichever it is you are looking for; I would be giving it to you in this article.

Facebook World Vision


Now that we have established the fact of what this topic is about and what we would be learning in this article, let get into the details. We would be starting off with the vision Facebook has. Particularly for the world. Next, we move to the world vision page.

Facebook World Vision

What is the vision that Facebook? There have been a lot of things that Facebook has been planning in the world and they have made it known on the official mark Zuckerberg account. There is an article of over six thousand words.

This article posted on the official mark Zuckerberg account envisions creating a Facebook that breaks barriers and connects communities. They claim to have succeeded in connecting friends and family and it is now time to connect communities together.

Facebook Plans for the World

Facebook itself envisions a future where they develop the social infrastructures needed to give people the power to build a global community that works for everybody. He believes that by coming together, we would be able to solve some of the biggest problems facing our societies.

The aim of this world vision is to end terrorism, end the fighting, climate change and even prevent pandemics. I am very sure that we don’t like the pandemic at hand as it limits us to a whole lot of things.

He (Mark Zuckerberg) identifies some of the themes that would be very essential to get across the social network if he’s to pull off from the utopian world vision of a world that is united. According to Utopia, this unity is to come from Facebook. Having gone through them, I must say that these points are very sensible.

You can read the full article for the vision Facebook has for the world @

Facebook World Vision International

This international is the official world vision page on Facebook. This page is run by the world vision itself, so you don’t have to think it is a scam. Note that if you don’t see the verified link at symbol right after the page name, then you are probably on the wrong page.

This page gives followers updates on the latest happenings around the world their visions. They provide regular updates on any plans to make the world a better place through their visions.

Accessing the World Vision International

The official URL for the Facebook world vision international can be located by clicking here. You can simply click on that link to access the world vision international page. When you get to the page, simply follow the page and like it to stay updated and get news even on your newsfeed.


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