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Facebook can now be used for many different purposes, such purposes can be to create a business page and make your business go viral in minutes, and it may be to create a fan page to reach out to the world or to tell the world about your talent or idea.

Fanpage Facebook - How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook can also be used to communicate to a large scale of people in such a short time with very easy steps. Setting up a fanpage Facebook can be very exciting and thrilling although you first need a Facebook account as it is a Facebook feature. Facebook can now be used for buying and selling or displaying your blog or website to get more visitors or click. This can easily be done in few and simple steps.

Now, without much waste of time, let’s go to the main deal, which is creating a fan page on Facebook. But before that we have to first create a Facebook account, the tutorials below is a way you can easily open a Facebook account without stress

How to open a new Facebook account online

  • Make sure you have a data connection and navigate to
  • On this page, you should see a signup form but if you do not see anyone, you could hit the sign up link you see at the bottom of the page.
  • To continue. Fill the form with required information like your first name, last name, email address. Or phone number for Facebook to contact you, and the others. Also, make sure the information is correct because Facebook will use it to verify your account when they notice suspicious activity on the account.
  • Next, click on the signup link again. It is also located at the bottom of the page.
  • You would be asked to verify your phone number. Or mail using a code Facebook will send to the mobile number or mail.
  • After you successfully verify your account, you would be guided through some steps for Facebook to get ideas about you.

If you finished the process successfully, you would be logged in to your news feed. If you are already on your news feed. You can proceed to follow the steps listed below to create a fan page.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page – Fanpage Facebook

  • Hit the create button from your news feed
  • From the new menu, select pages
  • You would be given two options. Choose the “community or public figure” option. And continue to add a category to your page and also select the name by clicking continue
  • Now add other relevant information about your page and finish your page set up

If you carry out the step correctly, you would be logged in on your Facebook fan home page.


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