Farm Jobs in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship – Are you a foreigner seeking to Immigrate to Canada as a farm worker? If yes, Congratulations! You are in the right place, this article will guide you on steps to successfully Immigrate to CA with free visa sponsorship. There are basic requirements foreigners will need to meet to move to Canada and also work there. So, I encourage you to read to the end.

Farm Jobs in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship

Farm Jobs in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship

If you are good at farming and you have always dreamt of relocating abroad, don’t miss out on this opportunity. There are lots of agricultural companies in Canada searching for farm workers. And most of these employers are willing to sponsor foreign farm workers with free visas.

Farm Jobs Description

Most employers that are urgently hiring have the outline of the job description. They seek general workers to use up manual labour tasks as well as assistance procedures in worksites. However, one of the most vital basic worker’s responsibilities is to collect trash, particles, and also other waste to keep the site clean and also safe.

General Laborers are accountable for numerous hand-operated tasks like excavating trenches, unloading building products, as well as preparing task sites. However, they use hand tools like shovels or choices while running machinery to help them with their work and help teams with various other needed tasks.

Skills & Requirements for Farm Jobs in Canada

The following are skills and requirements for a farming job in CA

  • Capability to meet the physical demands of the job (standing for long periods of time, lifting hefty
  • Excellent hand-eye control.
  • Experience with power tools and also equipment is a plus.
  • Good communication skills
  • Commitment to security rules.
  • Apprenticeship or specialization
  • English speaking

These are skills you need to have.

Farm Job Workers’ Duties & Responsibilities

These are duties and responsibilities of farmers

  • Tidy up worksites from dangerous or obsolete material.
  • Assist welders, woodworkers, painters, or other tradespeople on-site.
  • Transport products and also tools.
  • To use power devices and also machinery (e.g. forklifts) when required.
  • Ready to comply with instructions from managers to do manual labour jobs (e.g. excavating, stacking up items).
  • Help with setting up as well as moving momentary frameworks (e.g. scaffolding).
  • Record problems with equipment or risky conditions.

These are some of the duties of farm workers.

How to Apply for Farm Jobs in Canada with Free Visa Sponsorship 2022

You can find Canadian farming jobs online by visiting websites like To find urgent farm jobs in CA with visa sponsorship, do the following

When you receive a job offer, you can proceed to apply for the visa.

Types of Canadian Work Visas for International Applicants

Here are the types of work visas in Canada;

The International Mobility Program (IMP): The IMP Visa program helps Canadian employers to employ skilled foreign workers on a temporary or permanent basis without the need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Working Holiday Visa (IEC):  working holiday Canadian visa is a temporary one, a part of the International Experience Class (IEC), that gives you the opportunity to live in Canada and work part-time while travelling to the country.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP): TFWP type visa program was designed for Canadian employers to hire foreign skilled workers for a variety of jobs in Canada, because no Canadian resident indicated interest

Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP): The Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWP) lets international students that have completed a qualification from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI) live and work in Canada.

International Mobility Program (IMP) Visa For Farm Job In Canada

The IMP visa program is the best program for Foreign farm workers in Canada. The program enables Canadian employers to hire skilled foreign workers on a temporary or permanent basis without the need for an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

Farm workers’ Benefits & Perks in Canada

These are benefits of a farming job

  • Get competitive wage.
  • Excellent work/life balance.
  • Job stability.
  • A comfortable workplace.
  • Opportunities for professional development


Are farm workers in demand in Canada?

Yes. Farm working jobs are one of the jobs in high demand in Canada. So if you have experience in farm work, you can take advantage of this and find available farm Jobs in CA.

How can I work on a farm in Canada?

Here are the requirements to work on a farm in CA;

  • Possess a good level of English.
  • You will need previous experience for most roles.
  • Be in good health.
  • Be open to working in remote regions of the country.

However, if you are applying for farm workers from outside of Canada you will need to qualify for a work visa.

What is the salary of a farmer in Canada?

The average farmer’s salary in Canada is around $39,000 per year or $20 per hour. The Entry-level positions start is around $31,200 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $47,775 per year.


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