What comes to your mind the moment you hear about the Features of Online Dating on Facebook Online Dating App. Surely, you must feel that there are special dating services the platform offers. Well, you are in luck as this is true. Facebook does offer special Facebook dating features.

Features of Online Dating on Facebook Online Dating App - Facebook Dating App Download | Free Dating on Facebook

One of the Features of Online Dating on Facebook Online Dating App is the Facebook dating feature. Yes! Indeed some might be surprised as the platform Facebook has finally joined the dating service.


Features of Online Dating on Facebook Online Dating App

One of the features of dating using this platform is the ability to send text messages to potential dates. Not only that but you could also voice or video call these potential dates. What’s more, is that you can also like the profile pictures of these potential dates hence taking things more personal. The truth is that with dating online on the Facebook platform, you actually have a chance of finding a date. You could also get the chance to meet these dates in real life.

How Do I Activate Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is not something you can activate. You can simply begin using the platform to date if the dating feature is available in your country. Now, the Facebook dating feature is not yet available in all countries. It has only been launched in some countries. However, it will be further released in other countries as time goes on.

  • Go to the Facebook official website and or launch the platform official app.
  • Next, hit your profile picture. You could also hit your username if you find it instead. On your Facebook timeline, located on the profile section the “Heart” icon and tap on it.
  • You would be prompted to create a new dating profile. All you have to do is profile, your date of birth, Name, and other necessary information asked of you.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts given to you afterward and you should have successfully set up your Facebook online dating profile.

The steps listed above are how to successfully set up and use the dating feature on the platform. Using the dating feature on the platform is simple and free. You must however note that you must create a Facebook account before you can access the platform dating feature.

Is Facebook Dating any Good

If Facebook dating is good is a question people need to know the answer to. It is only fair you know about the platform before you indulge in using it. Well Using the Facebook dating feature is good. It is good in the sense that it recognizes you to be important enough to keep your privacy of using the feature private.

What this means is that no regular user of the platform who is not using the dating feature will ever find out from Facebook that you are using the dating feature.

Facebook Dating App

Is there a Facebook dating app, most people ask? If there is how can we download the Facebook dating app? Well, this is a question that will be answered in this section of my article. There is no special or separate app created by Facebook, especially for dating.

However, you can use the Facebook official app to date and that is why it is sometimes referred to as the Facebook dating app.

  • Turn on your mobile device and launch any app store of your choice.
  • Using the search bar of the app store, search for “Facebook”.
  • Next up, tap on the Facebook official app and then on the “Install” or “Get” button.
  • Follow the onscreen prompts given to you afterward and you should have successfully downloaded and installed the Facebook official app.

All that is needed to complete the download of this app is a sufficient data bundle and storage space. With these in place, the download and installation process of the app should be complete in a few minutes.


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