Federal Government Scholarship. The 2023–2024 Bilateral Educational Agreement (BEA) Scholarship Awards have been made available through the Federal Government Scholarship Board of the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral candidates who wish to continue their studies internationally.

Federal Government Scholarship
Federal Government Scholarship

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Federal Government Scholarship

All eligible and interested candidates are invited to apply for the Nigeria Award Scholarship (NA) for the 2023 academic year, which is accessible at public tertiary institutions across Nigeria. Mallam Adamu, the revered minister of education (HME), thus welcomes eligible and interested Nigerians to take part in the CBT to take the 2023–2024 Federal Government Scholarship Program Nomination Computer Based Check.

About the Federal Government Scholarship

The Honourable Minister of Education, therefore, invites competent and enthusiastic Nigerians to the 2023 Nomination Interview for BEA Scholarship Grants for the reasons that follow:

  • Engineering, geology, agriculture, science, math, languages, environmental science, sports, law, social science, biotechnology, architecture, medicine (very limited), etc. are each accessible at the level of an undergraduate.
  • All areas at the postgraduate level (Master’s and PhD).

Courses Considered for Scholarship

The following courses are considered for the grant:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Entrepreneurial Studies
  • ICT
  • Law
  • Liberal Arts/Social/Management Sciences
  • Medicine and paramedical
  • Science and technology

Eligibility Criteria

These are the eligibility criteria for the federal government scholarship.

Undergraduate Scholarship: Anyone applying for undergraduate programs must have a minimum score of five (5) distinctions (As and Bs) in the WASSCE/WAEC (May/June) exclusively in subjects that are pertinent to their proposed areas of study, including English Language and Mathematics.

For non-African countries, certificates shouldn’t be older than two (2) years (2021 and 2022), whereas they ought to be just one (1) year old (2020) for African nations. The average age range falls between 17 and 20.

Postgraduate Scholarship: Each individual that wishes to apply for a postgraduate degree program must have a first degree with a first-class grade or an upper division of at least a 2nd class. Former winners of international awards that are applying must have worked in Nigeria for at least two (2) years after earning their prizes. The N.Y.S.C.

The program must have been completed by all applicants, and the maximum age for Masters and Ph.D. programs is 35 and 40, respectively.

  • Only NYSC discharge certificates are accepted.
  • Evidence of willingness for release by an employer

Scholarship Conditions

Some conditions are associated with this grant. These are the essential guides that you should be aware of if you wish to take part in this scholarship:

  • It is only accessible in Nigeria.
  • The impact starts showing up at the start of each school year.
  • If the scholarship is not used within the time frame given, it will expire.
  • Candidates are ineligible for this award unless they currently hold any Nigerian scholarships.
  • Tuition fees, institution fees, and a personal support allowance are the items covered by the program; there is no opportunity for changing the subject matter or level of the training after it has been chosen.

Here are the conditions that the scholarship has, if you are interested in the grant.

How to apply for a Federal Government Scholarship

For you to successfully apply for this grant, you first need to go through the steps below:

Note: Double entries lead to disqualification.

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline for the federal government scholarship for 2023 is set to end in March.


How much does a federal government scholarship pay?

If the Federal Ministry of Education shortlists you for the scholarship, the scholarship committee will send you an email. Those who are selected for the shortlist will then move on to the verification process and get a payment of N250,000.

Who is eligible for a federal government scholarship?

For applicants to undergraduate scholarships, the cumulative grade point average (CGPA), including those with physical disabilities, must be at least 4.0 on a 5-point scale (or its equivalent) or 5.0 on a 7-point scale. Applicants for the NCE and HND must have a CGPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Which scholarship gives the most money?

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation program, one of the largest scholarships, is an achievement-based scholarship. Leadership, academics, and service are the three areas that are assessed. Students who are graduating from high school and want to enroll in a recognized US college or university are given scholarships.


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