FedEx Independent Contractor Job. It is a holding company that deals with the focuses of e-commerce, portfolio provision, transportation and business service. FedEx company was created in the year 1971, May 5th by Fredrick W. Smith and it is mainly located in Memphis, united states and Tennessee.

FedEx Independent Contractor Job

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FedEx Independent Contractor Job

The FedEx company was designed to render the service of parcel pickup, transporting and delivering of goods and service globally till it gets off to the United States postal service. FedEx is one of the best American government contractors.

Better Jobs in The Field of Independent Contractor

Get a well-paid salary in the FedEx company? Are you good at driving? Are you wishing to be a worker in the company? There are a lot and different types of available jobs for you.

This holding company is very easy and available on all mobile devices and it contains a lot of opportunities for the masses that are good in terms of well driving. You can download the app and apply for jobs through their online form.

FedEx App Download

Follow the below steps to download the FedEx app on your mobile device;

  • Open your mobile device
  • Go to google play store
  • Search for the FedEx app at the google play store search bar
  • Allow google to download and install the app
  • Select the FedEx icon and click on it
  • Choose “Download” for it to be installed
  • Wait for a complete installation then,
  • Now, you have the FedEx app on your mobile device

Above are the steps to download FedEx app on your mobile device.

FedEx Independent Contractor Job 

Below are the job opportunities for FedEx independent contractors;

JAF Service/FedEx ground

Van Delivery Driver

 located: Omaha, NE

Salary payment: $16 per hour and $130/day with weekly paychecks

FedEx Ground Careers United States

Operations Admin 1

 located: Austin, TX

Salary payment: $30K-$49K

Their duties are to be active in the aspects of clerical and administrative function in hub and station operational areas, such as records management and linehaul.

CROSSNO Corp (FedEx)

Local FedEx linehaul CDL class A drivers

Located: Dallas, TX

Salary payment: $25-30 per 1-hour

FedEx ground independent contractors are searching for the vacancy of the all-night run driver for linehaul.

FedEx Home Delivery/PDI

Full-time delivery driver

located: Saint Charles, MO

Salary payment: $14-$18 per 1-hour

FedEx Ground Careers US

Seasonal Admin

 located: Queens Village, NY

Salary payment: $27K-$36K per hour

FedEx Ground Careers US

Special Assignment Clerk

located: Braselton GA

Salary Payment: $26K-$48K

FedEx Ground Careers US

Customer Pickup Coordinator

located: Bedford Park, IL

Salary payment: $27K-$50K

FedEx Ground Careers US

Operations Admin 1-III (Senior)

Located: Wilmington, MA

Salary payment: $32k-$67k

FedEx Ground Careers US

Ops Coordinator

Located: Evergreen, AL

Their duty is to offer operational support by the coordination of the service, quality and administrative functions in the area of pickup and delivery.

FedEx Ground Careers US

P&D Manager

 Located: Memphis, Tennessee

Salary payment: $30k-$66k

FedEx Ground Careers US

Manager-Regional HR Specialists

Located: Fairfield, CA

Salary payment: $51-$114k

FedEx Contractor sign-up

Fill all the online FedEx forms from the FedEx website

  • Social security number
  • Enter the home address history of the past three years
  • Fill in your driver’s license number
  • Criminal history
  • The history of conviction, traffic accident
  • Fill in the driver’s license history of the previous three years
  • Military history
  • The history of your last ten years driving employment
  • Violation from the past three years

These are the question of the sign-up form you need to fill.

Qualification to be a FedEx Company Independent Contractor

If you want to be a (custom critical owner-operator, home delivery independent contractor, and a ground independent contractor) for FedEx company, you must be with these qualities

Below are the important qualifications you must have to be a FedEx independent contractor;

  • You must undergo a 1-year commercial driving experience and it should be at the past three years of learning
  • One must have a qualified commercial driving license
  • You have to take a good medical check-up and treatment. Especially in the terms of alcoholism and hard drugs test, and they should be negative after the test.
  • Be of good behaviour during the past three years of driving
  • Do not be fond of using your mobile device during driving in the past period of one year
  • Make sure during the past three years you should at least have three or fewer violation issue
  • Make sure you are able to cross the border into Canada
  • There should not be DUIS or DWIS during the past five years of driving
  • Make sure there should be no felonies whose clearance complete of probation, imprisonment, court issues and parole during the previous seven years
  • Do not have issues that relate to a fatal accident that led to the loss of lives during your driving process

Above are the important qualities needed from every FedEx worker. With these mentioned above, you are successfully qualified to be a FedEx contractor.

Does FedEx work with independent contractors?

Yes, FedEx works with independent contractors through its FedEx Ground division. Independent contractors who work with FedEx Ground typically operate their own businesses and provide pick-up and delivery services for packages within a designated geographic area.

To become a FedEx Ground independent contractor, individuals must meet certain requirements, such as owning or leasing their own vehicle, passing a background check, and obtaining necessary licenses and insurance. FedEx Ground also provides training and support for its independent contractors.

It’s important to note that the classification of workers as independent contractors has been a subject of debate and legal action in recent years, with some arguing that companies like FedEx misclassify workers to avoid paying benefits and other protections afforded to employees.


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