Do you know what Feedvisor is? I am guessing your answer is no. Well, that is why I am writing this article right now. This article would enlighten you on the things you need to know before you would be able to use Feedvisor effectively and efficiently.


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Feedvisor is one platform for infinite possibilities. With this platform, you can get advertising optimization intelligence. The AI-driven campaign platform on Feedvisor would maximize your amazon ads performance, promotions, and broader marketing. It helps you improve your business by maximizing business strategies.

Feedvisor Review

I think you should also know that Feedvisor can be used by literally anyone and it does not matter if you are a brand, seller, retailer, or private label owner. On this platform’s website, you would see testimonies of other people who have used the program before.

Feedvisor Intelligence

This helpful platform uses artificial intelligence to help boost your marketplace intelligence, competitiveness, demand prediction, assortment in intelligence, operational intelligence, RAZ scorecard, brand sphere analysis, and many more. Now you may be wondering what Feedvisor is actually used for. It is used by people who market on amazon. It could be your product or any other product you are working for.

Feedvisor for Sellers

They actually offer a solution for sellers who want to make their products or brand popular. They help sellers navigate the difficulties in amazon’s continuously changing environment.

These difficulties include direct competition, manual management of their entire catalog, lack of insights for an effective pricing strategy, and many more difficulties you might be facing. They could also help you drive demands for your product and grow your revenue. You could also enable real-time bidding so that you can focus on ad spend allocations.

Feedvisor for Brands

You are also provided with a special set of services for brands. These services include holistic campaign management, amazon store enhancement, product listing set up and optimization, Seo analysis, and keywords research. Of course, you all know that keyword research and SEO analysis is very important when wanting to be on the first page organically.

They also give predictive business intelligence such as MAP insights, performance dashboards, profitability dashboards, returns dashboard, inventory replenishment insights, revenue insights, competitive landscape insights, and even custom reports.

Feedvisor for Retailers

Feedvisor also features some benefits for retailers. These features are very similar to the features for brand owners. If you are a retailer on this platform you would have access to some pretty cool tools too. With these tools, you can skyrocket your business to the top of the search engine. You can boost your sales massively and increase your revenue.

Feedvisor Pricing

Here, you can find three main plans. These plans are named the professional plan, premium plan, and enterprise plan. All these plans are limited to some features but the enterprise plan is not limited as it is the highest paid plan.

You can request a demo for each of the plans you wish to try out. I do not currently know how much Feedvisor charges for their plans because it is not listed on the site. After requesting a demo, you would be given access to view the pricing of the plan. If you do not like it, you can also opt out.

Feedvisor Login 

In simple and easy steps, you are able to find and access your account and dashboard on this platform. All you have to do is visit the site on, click on the “Login” button, type in your Email and Password. Hit on the “Login” button and you’re just good to go! 


How much funding has Feedvisor raised to date?

Feedvisor has managed to raise $32.7 million to date, although this is slow progress, but at least it is progress on their path.

Who invested in Feedvisor?

Feedvisor has nine investors, including JAL Ventures and General Catalyst; if you want more details about the companies that have invested, you can simply go online and check on their website.


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