Fidelity Rewards. Fidelity Bank is a fully functional commercial bank with a sizable customer base in Nigeria. It provides good customer service through 250 company locations and numerous digital banking platforms worldwide.

 Fidelity Rewards
Fidelity Rewards

Their main goal is to choose a strong corporate sector for the bank, as well as small, micro, and medium-sized businesses. But in this post, we’ll have to look at fidelity rewards credit cards, their advantages, and how to apply.

 Fidelity Rewards

With over 57 percent of their clients signing up for the bank’s flagship, the mobile application, and internet banking products in Fidelity Bank that have value in a bank that was built on values, they are already implementing a digital-based banking strategy that has resulted in savings deposits over the last 12 years.

Our purpose has been in place for more than a century, and we have always followed it. It directs us to act in a way that is best and morally correct for our consumers and to foster a positive relationship with those clients.

As we conduct business with people over the next 100 years, we want to make sure that we never lose sight of our mission and the values that go along with it.

Fidelity Reward Sign-Up

For you to acquire their negative credits and for you to return their items, the bank must be debited for all of your net purchases before you may earn up to the points per dollar in qualifying net purchases.

To get incentives and perks from the bank, your account must be open and in good standing. For further information, you must abide by the regulations and obtain permission before using the incentive program.

Steps to use in signing up for the Fidelity Reward

These are the steps you must take in order to be guided on how to register for the fidelity rewards.

  • You must register for mobile banking online.
  • You must choose the app for altitude rewards.
  • Click on your altitude reward point and then adhere to the instructions. If you have any questions about how to sign up for the altitude rewards, you may also call the center’s number.
  • Last but not least, you can still visit their website for more details.

How will I log in to the Fidelity Rewards App?

If you are successfully using the app to access your Online Banking profile, please go to “settings” on the platform, click on “set security question,” and then select the questions and answers that will allow you to log in to Fidelity Bank Rewards using your token, authentication code, and PIN. Also, make sure the app is installed on your mobile device.

Step to login to the Fidelity Reward

The procedures for logging into the fidelity rewards

  • You must visit the Citibank website or mobile app on your device and properly input your username and password in order to log into your fidelity rewards card account. Next, you can just go to the website and go to the Citi login page.
  • Double-check that you entered your user ID and password correctly.
  • then sign in by clicking the “Sign on” button.
  • When you have completed all the procedures required to log in, sign out.

How will I reset my password in the Fidelity Rewards App?

Please use the “forgot password” option button to start a password reset so that you can change your password. As an alternative, you could have gone to the local Fidelity Bank location or called their customer service line; both are open 24/7 and can help you change your password and gain access to the mobile banking system.

Steps to reset your password on your Fidelity Rewards card

The actions you must take to change your Fidelity Rewards password are listed below.

  • Your device needs to be connected to a reliable internet connection first.
  • On your device, launch the web browser of your choice.
  • Type into the search bar of your browser.
  • In the right upper corner of your screen, click the “Sign On” button.
  • Click the “Password” link next to the login box.
  • Use the information of the principal account holder to authenticate your identification after choosing an account type.
  • Select “Continue” from the menu.

The Benefits of the Fidelity Rewards

The final line is that Fidelity Bank rewards their customers by providing trading commissions; this option offers more mutual funds without transaction fees, and their top-notch research tools are available on the platform for mobile applications.

You can trust them with your money thanks to their zero-fee index funds and excellent customer service, which are like the frosting on the cake. Customers of the bank receive a variety of privileges, and using the service is simple and quick. If we have an account with Fidelity Bank, we can take advantage of some of the following perks:

The Benefit of the Fidelity Rewards

If you open an account with Fidelity Rewards, you will enjoy the following benefits, which will still be beneficial to you:

  • It is really simple to use their service.
  • Your banking with them won’t be a problem for them.
  • They provide excellent customer service.
  • It is simple to use their mobile app.
  • One last point: The bank is made up of people.

The Green Reward in the Fidelity Bank

There are numerous touchpoints and reward point routes at Fidelity Bank. Additionally, you can use your points to purchase a variety of goods and services using the card or on your mobile device, and you can still use them to purchase airtime.

How will I provide Customer Service through Fidelity Rewards?

You must add all of your qualifying Fidelity accounts to receive bank deposits in order to set up your Fidelity Bank Rewards for automatic redemption. On your mobile device, dial the customer service number shown below for additional help.

You can also call them at any time if you need to. On your mobile device, dial the customer service number shown below for additional help. You can also call them at any time if you need to. You can still send information to them via WhatsApp and via their email address.

The Fidelity Rewards Application

for you to be among the fortunate clients who receive rewards through the Fidelity Mega Rewards program. To be eligible for a great prize, you must complete a simple transaction, which means you must have more time to use online and immediate banking to purchase airtime, transfer money, and pay bills.

How to Apply for a Fidelity Rewards

The following actions must be followed in order to apply for the fidelity incentives.

  • First, ensure sure your mobile device is connected to a reliable internet connection.
  • Be sure to launch any web browser of your choosing on your device.
  • The URL must be typed into the browser’s search box.
  • Next, select the “Sign On” button located at the upper right of your screen.
  • In the login box, click the “password” button.
  • Choose the “Account Type” option, then contact the main account holders to obtain information to help us confirm your identification.
  • At last, press the “Continue” button.


We can learn more about the app by asking some of crucial questions regarding the fidelity bank.

The Green Reward Program is what?

A customer rewards program from Fidelity Bank PLC called the Fidelity Green Rewards Program is intended to show appreciation to its devoted clients. By carrying out transactions like bill payments, airtime purchases, and money transfers via any of their alternative banking channels, such as the Fidelity Mobile App and Fidelity ATMs, certain Customers can easily accrue a considerable number of reward points.

How can I make my Green Rewards Portal profile active?

You can access the Fidelity Green Rewards portal from your online banking and mobile device if you login in using your membership password and the unique password supplied to your registered email address. You must activate your profile on the site.

What steps must you do to get Fidelity Green Rewards points?

You must conduct a qualifying transaction that satisfies the criteria for your points award in order to earn rewards points.

How can I check the status of my Fidelity Green Rewards points?

You have a rewards wallet where you may examine the balance of your accumulated points if you have enabled your profile on the rewards portal. You can check your balance by going to your rewards wallet, where every loyalty point you earn through eligible transactions will be saved.


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