Are you looking for a place to find cheap cars to buy? If you are then you are in luck. Your search is over. In this article, I will be writing on some platforms online where you can find the very best when it comes to cheap cars for sale both used and new.

Find Cheap Cars


Find Cheap Cars

Getting a car is one thing but getting a cheap car is another. It is no news that the prices at which cars are now sold don’t use to be the same as before. There are some car prices that are outright outrageous. But away from all these car troubles, do you know that there are platforms where you can get good cars for relatively cheap prices? Yes, there are lots of platforms where you can find cheap cars to buy all thanks to the internet.

There are lots of sales platforms online where they sell cars and due to the competition, you have to come up with something special in other to stand out from the crowd, and beating your prices down is one of the ways through which you stand out. I must tell you, the numbers of these platforms are few, but luckily for you, I have rounded up a list of some of the sites for you today.

List of Online Platforms Where You Can Get Cheap Good Cars

Below is a list of online platforms where you can get cheap cars to buy;


This is one of the top online platforms when it comes to car sales and purchases. You can not only buy a cheap car here, but you can also sell off your used car. Buyers love this platform for so many reasons and one of these reasons is due to its advanced search tool. This tool makes it easier for buyers to find specific car models and option packages.

Cars & Bids

Cars & Bids was created in 2020 by the automotive reviewer and YouTube celebrity Doug DeMuro to help modern car enthusiasts buy and sell cars quickly and safely. The site is our choice for the best auction site because of its ease of use and focuses on protecting both buyers and sellers.

eBay Motors

You might be surprised by this listing but it true. eBay is one of the top online marketplaces in the world today making it the perfect place to buy cars for cheap.  Since It is one of the best online marketplaces in the world today. It is visited by millions of users all over the world daily. This, therefore, makes it the perfect place to sell your car and also purchase cars on the cheap

The Facebook Marketplace

Just like eBay, the Facebook marketplace is one of the best social media marketplaces in the world today. It is no surprise that everything Facebook touches prospers, and the Facebook marketplace is one of its wonders. In this marketplace, you will find a host of cars ready to be sold and the prices are also relatively cheap.


AutoTempest is a platform specifically for cars. It was created in the year 2007. This online platform offers the largest online car marketplace, making it our top choice as the best site for comparing used cars.


Created in the year 2006 by TripAdvisor co-founder Langley Steinert to help consumers post questions and reviews of cars and local dealers. CarGurus later added a marketplace to its site with a car evaluation tool that makes it our choice as the best site for cheap cars. CarGurus is accredited with the BBB and has an A+ rating with the organization.


Autolist is a unique website that collects listings from dozens of used car apps and websites in one place. Its intuitive and easy-to-use app has been downloaded over seven million times and is listed in CNET’s top 10 car apps making it the best-used car site for mobile users

Other online platforms where you can buy cheap cars are, hemming’s, CarGurus, TrueCar, craigslist, Carvana and so much more.


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