page gives room for customers who received a credit card offer from the bank to accept the offer and forge ahead with the application. Once you’re eligible to apply for the credit card, the bank will send you an offer letter.

The offer comes with a code that you will use to further the application process. Did you receive an offer from First National Bank, but you don’t know the next step to take? If Yes, make sure you read to the end. – First National Credit Card

Before you think of accepting the CC offer from First National Bank, it’s wise to know what the card has to offer. The First National credit card also known as Legacy CC puts users in control of their purchases.

There are no Hidden Fees and No Penalty APR attached to the card. It offers fraud Coverage for Lost or Stolen Card, secure Online Account Access etc. However, if you received the letter, and you want to accept the offer, you can visit the legacy visa card official page to accept the offer. The section below will guide you on that.

How to Accept First National Legacy Visa Credit Card Offer Online

To accept the offer and also further with the application process, take the following steps;

After accepting the offer, it should redirect you to the application screen, where you provide info such as;

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Financial info
  • Contact address etc.

Should in case you are unable to accept the offer online, you can visit the nearest First national bank.

How to Accept First National Credit Card Offer in-store

Follow the steps under to find the nearest First National Bank;

  • Proceed to
  • Fill in your ZIP code or City and State
  • Then click the search icon
  • From the result, note down the address of the nearest branch
  • Take a ride to the branch
  • Proceed to the customer service desk and make your request known

Follow every instruction given by the customer care Agent.

First National Credit Card Customer Service

If you need assistance as regards the credit card, including questions about the application, mail offer etc, kindly call the customer service representative. To get their official phone number, go to their official website or check the back of your card.

You will see the Customer service official phone number


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