Looking forward to reading News on your Android phone, but not sure about which apps to get? Well, then on my list of Five Best News Apps for Android, you will definitely find the one for you. News aggregators to apps on Android have been dramatically reshaped on how they inform users with the latest news.

Five Best News Apps for Android - World News Apps for Android

Gone are the days of Newspapers, tabloids, and broadcasts, not saying they are not still in use, of course, they are. But the demand for such things has decreased due to technology. Different things are happening in the world today and also the internet is a big place, so how exactly do you stay up to date on news? To find out, read on.

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Five Best News Apps For Android

We are in an advanced age where news outlets do not rely on advertisers to deliver the news. People now prefer news apps most of those on Android phones, because of the different news angles an also timelines that are offered by the apps.

Aside, from the Five Best News Apps for Android actually, save us from the tedious task of tracking tons of news sources. And then compiling all your favorites in one place and get access with just a tap.

Staying up to date or current is key in this fast-paced world we are in now. And most people would never consider getting a physical newspaper anymore, and that’s why I have made this list for you today.

So you don’t have to leave your home and get daily newspapers to stay current, just a tap on your Android phone and you will be reading the latest news. Not only have I made a list for you, but I made the Best News Apps for Android to use.

World News Apps for Android

Here’s my list of Android best news apps to use;

Google News

Of course, Google News will be at the top of my list because it is worth it. Google News is best for a bird’s eye view for breaking news or stories. It is actually the replacement of Google Play Newsstand, and it is well polished now.

The news aggregator pulls news sources from all around the globe. So trust me, you’ll definitely find the news from your favorite sites and publications. Google News can set up a daily briefing to give you the most important of the day and with just a tap.

You can get full coverage of the news. It is simple and free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News was once known as MSN News. This new app has actually proven to be one of the best news apps for Android. The platform offers users a smooth and simple user experience. Microsoft News helps you to easily navigate through the app’s features.

The service can be used without a Microsoft account, but by signing up with a Microsoft account, you can actually personalized news stories for you to see. It is simple and comes with a great and smart interface to make use better and enjoyable on the platform.

BBC News

BBC news is most probably one of the most know news outlets in the world. The BBC news channel has been praised and appreciated fr presenting its viewers with great unbiased news stories.

Now, that is why this app is one of the best and also trustworthy news aggregator apps you can use on your Android. On the app, users are shown the most recent reports from different countries and also extend to live to stream. With the BBC News app, you can read and stream news stories as they are being developed.


Inoreader is yet another great news source that offers you the best news stories, both local and international. On the app, you can choose from different sections and will be served at the topics of interest to you. You can also save web pages and articles to read later.

Inoreader helps to keep track of the content you have seen or read on the platform. Once you read a couple of topics, Inoreader will get an exact idea or feel about the kind of news stories that you are interested in and serve you just that.


If you are the type of person that is looking for a blend of entertainment and interesting news stories, then Reddit is the right app for you. Reddit is a great news aggregator app that you could have on your smartphone.

On the app, you can subscribe to certain Reddit topics and also sort them out based on popularity, controversy, etc. Also, Reddit features a chat option, where you get to connect with other users. The community is highly engaged.


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