Fiverr Account Create enable you to buy and sell on the Fiverr platform.  On this platform, you can either be a buyer or a seller.  Buyers are people who pay for services rendered to them while sellers are people who offer services to the people who need it and in the end, they get paid for it.

Fiverr Account Create

Fiverr Account Create

Fiverr is one of the leading platforms designed for digital services. It enables digital services like graphic designing, programmer, Translator, content writing, publishing and many more. This is the best place to showcase your talent if you have any digital skills.

Thus, you can offer services using the skills you have, then earn pay after rendering the service. Fiverr makes it easy for individuals looking for workers (freelancers) to get the service they want without much stress. All you need is to go over to the platform and then search for the digital services you need. So to enjoy these services you need to have a Fiverr account.

Best ways to Create a Fiverr Account

There are three ways you can use to register, are via email, google or Facebook.

Create an Account  using your email Address

 If you want to create an account using your email follow these directions

  • Open your mobile or computer browser and head to their official website at
  • When you get to the Fiverr official screen, scroll to the upper part of the page, by the right side tap on the “join”.
  • Move down to the empty field that requests your email address
  • Type in your correct email address, then click on continue.
  • Provide your password and follow the instructions on the screen to complete your registration.

Register with your Google Account

This step is very easy if you have a Facebook account, but if you don’t have the account, that means you will have to create one before you will be able to register for Fiverr using Facebook. Follow these steps to register with a Facebook account.

  • Find the connect with Facebook button, the button is located at the registration screen, so to get there, go to their official page.
  • Click on the join button
  • You will see the three registration options, including Facebook. Neglect other options and tap on the “connect with Facebook” tab. Facebook will allow Fiverr to access your account information, follow the directives to select or type in your account.

Fiverr account Create Using Google Account

 If you don’t have a Facebook account or a working email, this is another option you can use to set up this very account. Take the following steps to register using your Google account.

  • Go to
  • Tap on the “join” link at the top of the page. It will lead you to the registration page
  • From the signup page, navigate downward, you will see a tab that says “connect with google” proceed to select this tab, google will allow Fiverr to access your data and you will finally create an account.


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