Flash Share for PC. Many of us do not know if PC is using Flash Share? I will make you understand briefly because many of us just know about flash share for mobile devices and not Flash Share for PC. Flash share is an application that enables its user to send and receive files on two different devices.

Flash Share for PC

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Flash Share for PC

On the other hand, it can also be used to send and receive files between your mobile device and PC. This is what makes people believe that the app is available for PC. Just in case you are confused as to what this flash share is, its other name is known as Xender. Surely you must be familiar with this.

Flash Share for Android

Here I will be telling you how to use the app for Android Devices. You can install the Flash Share application on your android device and begin making use of it.

  • First, you must have the Google Play Store or any app store on your Android phone.
  • Using the search bar of the app store, search for “Flash Share”.
  • Click on install and the app will be installed on your device.

You will need to sign in to your Google account if you are not logged in on the play store in order to download flash share.

Flash Share for iOS

Do you really think of how flash share work on iOS devices? The flash share app is an app that you really need to have on your iOS device. You will need to install the flash share app from the Apple App Store.

  • First, go to the Apple App Store.
  • Click on the search box and then enter “Flash Share”.
  • Tap the search button to search for the app.
  • Click on the App and tap on the install button.

For the App to be downloaded on your iOS device you have to wait for seconds. After the download process is completed then the app will automatically install itself.  With the step above you can easily download and install the Flash Share app on your iOS device.

Flash Share for PC

This is a device that allows data transfer between two different supported devices. However, in this case, we will be looking at PCs. Below is how you can download and use Flash Share for PC.

  • If you want to download the app on (windows) you will have to use an Android emulator like Nox. Bluestacks is also an option.
  • Install the Nox App player on your PC, then log in to the google play store with your Google account details.
  • Now, download the flash share app from the web or transfer it to your PC if you already have it.
  • Drag and drop the Flash Share app into the NOX player you opened. Once that is done, the installation process will begin automatically.

This is how to download Flash Share for PC. The entire process is entirely free.

How to Connect Flash Share to PC

If you followed the steps above and you have successfully downloaded the Flash Share app for PC, then you can connect the regular way you connect between two devices. However, if you are unable to download and install the app for PC, you can still connect from your mobile device to your PC.

In order to do that, launch the Flash Share app on your mobile device and tap on the plus icon at the top of the screen. Hit the “Connect to PC” button and follow all the instructions given to you afterwards.

How do I open a flash share file?

Flash Share is a file sharing app that was popularly used on mobile devices in Nigeria. However, it is worth noting that Flash Share has been rebranded and is now known as Xender. If you have a Flash Share file that you need to open, you can follow these steps:

  • Install Xender: If you don’t already have Xender installed on your device, you can download and install it from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.
  • Launch Xender: Open the Xender app on your device.
  • Select “Receive”: In Xender, tap on the “Receive” or “Receive” button, depending on your device.
  • Choose “File”: Select the “File” option from the available receive options.
  • Locate the Flash Share file: Browse and locate the

That is how the open the now Xender.


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