Have you heard of the Flipkart grocery store(s)? I know you might be surprised as to Flipkart having its own groceries store. There are some users who have been on this platform for a long now but they don’t know that Flipkart has its own grocery department. And on this department, users get exclusive access to all things groceries. If you haven’t made use of this platform before, I think it’s high time you pay it a visit.

Flipkart Grocery


Flipkart Grocery

Flipkart grocery is one of the highlights of the platform. Are you tired of standing in queues in grocery shops? If you are then I have the answer for you and the answer is Flipkart grocery. Most online shoppers and grocery hopers in India are already making use of the Flipkart supermarket platform to shop for their groceries, so what are you waiting for? Hurry now and start shopping. This department of Flipkart has got you covered on all angles groceries.

Flipkart, as you may have known by now, is an online marketplace and in this marketplace, you can have just whatever it is you are looking for. Normally you will think that, since it is an online marketplace it will be restricted to selling electronics, gadgets, fashion items amongst others but not groceries. Well, you are wrong.

Flipkart is one of the few online marketplace platforms in the world where you can get groceries. With this platform, you don’t have to stress yourself with having to go to a grocery shop or stand. All is done with a considerable amount of ease. All you need to shop for groceries is your Flipkart account and an internet-enabled device.

How to Access the Flipkart Groceries Department

You will need to be a registered user on the platform in order to get access to groceries on the platform. If you are not a registered account holder on the platform you cannot purchase your groceries on the platform. Creating a Flipkart account is easy. You can do this by visiting the Flipkart online page at www.flipkart.com. On the homepage, click on the sign-up tab at the top right corner of the page. Follow the prompts carefully to successfully create your account on the platform. Once this is done go to https://www.flipkart.com/grocery-supermart-store?marketplace=GROCERY on your device. Flipkart grocery is only available in selected cities. Therefore when you enter your location in the location box on the Flipkart grocery platform, you will be notified if it is available in your region or not.


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