Flipkart Grocery – Offers. Shop grocery online at a very low price in India using the Flipkart platform. You don’t need to be in a queue to make purchases with this online marketplace, with a few scrolls on their official website you will get the items you want.

Flipkart Grocery – Offers

So if you don’t enjoy standing in a queue at the grocery store, you can’t find the item you want or the supermarket is far from your home, with Flipkart things are made easy for you. All you need is to search for the items you want to buy, order them and they will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Flipkart Grocery – Offers

 Flipkart Grocery is one of the categories in Flipkart Marketplace that serves you with all essential grocery items right at your house. To shop for your groceries, this platform is the perfect place for you. The platform gives you offers and coupons to enable you to save money on purchases monthly.

You can get groceries from Rs.1 deals daily, you can find offers from most of the leading banks on select days to encourage you.

This is the best online grocery shopping for super quality and excellent savings. It ensures you get the best quality items ranging from flour, spices to detergent, sanitary products and makeup items. Thus, you can get fresh items for your daily meal, snacks, beverages, packaged food to give you maximum satisfaction.

How To Access Flipkart Grocery Supermart 

For you to access this platform you must have a Flipkart account. But if you don’t have an account follow the directions below to register for an account.

Create an account

Search for www.flipkart.com on your device browser.

You will see the login button, navigate and click on it

Tap on the signup widget.

Type in your mobile number, you will receive an OTP message in your message app.

To verify your phone number, get the code and Key it in the correct column.

Create a password for the account and hit on the “Done” link.

How to get to Flipkart Grocery

Visit the grocery page at www.flipkart.com/grocery-supermart-store

The platform is available in the selected cities, scroll to the location field at the top centre and input your Pincode. With this, you will know if the service is available in your city. If eventually, it’s available in your location, you can go ahead and make your order and have it delivered to your house.

How to purchase Groceries at Flipkart

 Login to your Flipkart account

Find the grocery tab and click on it.

Go to the “search bar” and search for the item you want

when you see a category that relates to the item you want to buy, select the category.

Look for the item and when you locate it, tap on it

Choose the size of the item you want to buy

Enter your PIN code

Select the delivery method

Click on the “Buy now” button.

Input your delivery address, click on save.

Click on the continue tab and type in your email address so that you can receive your payment receipt when you make payment.

Choose the payment method you want to use and proceed to make your payment.

How long does Flipkart grocery delivery take?

The delivery time for Flipkart grocery orders can vary depending on several factors, including the location of the delivery address, availability of the products, delivery slot chosen, and other external factors such as weather conditions, traffic, and operational constraints. Flipkart typically offers different delivery options, including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and standard delivery, depending on the location and availability.

In general, Flipkart aims to deliver grocery orders as quickly as possible, and they strive to meet their estimated delivery timelines. However, the exact delivery time can vary and may be displayed during the checkout process or provided via notifications and updates from Flipkart or their delivery partners. It’s recommended to check the delivery timeframes and updates provided by Flipkart during the order placement process or contact their customer support for specific information related to your grocery order delivery.


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