Who says because you are quarantining, you can get that food you want from your favourite stores? Food Delivery Services in Nigeria has made it easier and better for you to order your favourite dishes without having to leave your home. My favourite part is, they actually get them delivered to you. I mean, isn’t that interesting? Technology has made everything possible using your smartphone. Just as you can order phones, gadgets, fashion items, book a taxi, hotel reservations, and others, then you can stay at home and make food orders to be delivered to you.

Food Delivery Services In Nigeria


Food Delivery Services In Nigeria

With this article, you will find out that actually ordering foods online is easier than you ever thought. You will also find out that getting the right food for you at any point in time is also very much possible, all you need to do is to know where to look and how to go about it. Luckily for you, you are reading this very piece at this moment. In a short time, I will be sharing with you the best food delivery services in Nigeria.

Best Food Delivery Services In Nigeria

If you feel too hungry to go out or make a dish or maybe you’re hungry for your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant, you can simply make an order and have them delivered to you using any of these Food Delivery Services in Nigeria;

  • Jumia Foods.
  • OFood.
  • AreaChops.
  • Konga.
  • GoFood.
  • Foodstantly.
  • Chicken Republic

  • ChopNowNow.
  • Domino’s Pizza Nigeria.

Jumia Foods

As with the name you can tell it is operated by Jumia Nigeria. Jumia Foods is one of the best food delivery services you can make use of in Nigeria. It is quite fast and easy to use. Once you use the service, a list displays popular restaurants delivering in your locations, then select the restaurant you want and the food you want. After that make the pay and Jumia Foods will have it delivered to your doorstep. Jumia Foods Nigeria has a wide database of top restaurants in the country so you will be sure to find the one you want.

So Fresh 

So Fresh was established in the year 2010 as Fruitivegies Limited, the company rebranded to So Fresh in 2013 as Nigeria’s pioneer and number one healthy food chain, providing fresh, delicious, nutrient-rich healthy meals and committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle. The company goal is to inspire people to live healthier and happier lives, by giving them fresh, wholesome, nutrient-rich and delicious meals which include salads, juices, smoothies, parfait, fiesta wraps, sandwiches and other quick on the go healthy meals.


OFood is an abbreviation of Opera Software and it is launched and operated by Opera Software. This Food delivery service is incorporated into its OPay app, which means it can be used within the OPay app. Using this service, you can order a wide variety of local and foreign dishes. Also, it offers great discounts on your food orders. If you wish to use this delivery service, download the OPay app into your device, and select OFood. Provide the location you are or the name of the dish you’d like to order. If you are wondering if OFood is trustworthy and worth it, then the answer is yes.


This service is operated just like Jumia Foods and OFood. To download the AreaChops app, visit the website to get the mobile app. After that, include your location, select the restaurant you want to order from and the meal or dish you want, then check out. Your food will be delivered to you, the payment method involves paying on delivery.


Konga doesn’t make delivery of goods directly from restaurants that customers can order from. But Konga sells and delivers fresh vegetables and fruits. That means you can buy fruit and vegetables using this delivery service.


This is yet another Food Delivery service in Nigeria. GoFood has a nice and clean interface that makes the platform or service eBay make food orders from your favourite restaurants. To make an order, just enter your location in the search box to start. The app is available on the App Store to download.


Foodstantly is simply an online marketplace that doesn’t only make deliveries of ready to eat meals, but also enables food vendors on the platform. Owners of restaurants, caterers, and farmers usually set up shop on the platform and sell them online. This is a great choice you can make use of in any location you are excluding Sokoto and Yobe.


ChopNow is a free easy to use app that is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. This platform makes food delivery happen from anywhere. The payment options include Cash on delivery, ChopNow Wallet, and others. You can order any kind of deal or dish you want and even snacks such as Shawarma and others.

Domino’s Pizza Nigeria

Domino’s pizza is actually the largest and top pizza delivery service in Nigeria. It has a very friendly user interface that makes it easy for individuals to make orders and have them delivered to them easily. The above are some of the top Food Delivery Services in Nigeria for you to use.


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