Having Free Audio Recording Apps for your Android devices on your mobile phone especially if your activities require recording it’s very important. Recording apps are no longer meant for only journalists and other professionals. But it’s an exciting recording that personal song your composing, music class rehearsals, taking of lectures note for students.

Free Audio Recording Apps for Android: 7 Best Android Recording App for Audio

Free audio recording apps allow you to capture that conversation that is important. They are portable you can carry them on your mobile devices and record just what you want.


Free Audio Recording Apps for Android

Free Audio recording apps work on Android devices. You can use these apps to capture events, News, conferences, lectures, interviews, security purposes, and much more. Let’s see free Audio Recording Apps below:

Smart Voice Recorder

The smart Voice recorder is a premium app and records voice and compresses output audio files to a smaller size. It can save your precious data storage space in your device. The app creates quality output Mono, 44KHz.it can record call conversations.


  • Files can be share.
  • Outputs recording in multiple high-quality formats.
  • Live audio Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Lock features that do not allow for must power consumption on the device.


  • Users cannot rename files.
  • Cannot record unlimited.

To get this app use Google Play Store to download this app.

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is designed with simple features that make it useful to its users. Its best suitable for students, businessmen, musicians. This app enhances your audio recording of interviews, meetings, lectures, and others.

This app allows you to record audio files without restrictions and visualize the sounds with an Audio Spectrum Analyzer. You can keep recording from the background even with the Phone’s screen off. It preserves the battery life and enables users to carry out their tasks while the recording session is still ongoing.


  • It has a large file-sharing capacity.
  • It’s a free app that functions on iOS and Android devices.
  • The recording is done with ease because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Offers the microphone gain calibration tools.
  • Users can easily adjust the sample rate.


  • There are no editing tool options.
  • Audio recordings are only saved in two file formats only.

This app is easy to use though you cannot fully edit your recording. Get the app for free on Google Play Store.

Rev Voice Recorder

This is one of the best audio recording apps that free. It’s very simple to use, it comes with powerful audio recording, dictation, and transcription apps. It’s a free app for recording with no ads, users only pay for Transcription.

The app allows you to record interviews, meetings, lectures, dictation memos, and notes. This app creates good quality sound. The app is user-friendly and you can organize and edit recordings right from your phone. You can share your files through email, Dropbox or Google Drive, or other favorite sharing apps.


  • The app has a simple and easy interface.
  • It has a high audio quality.
  • Users can share recordings directly from the app.
  • Manage and edit your recordings.
  • You can record in the background while using other apps or while your phone goes to sleep.


  • Voice-to-text Transcription is paid service.
  • The app does not come with plenty of features.

The app provides the best human Transcription services. With a team of professional’s transcriptionists to make it easy and well delivered.

RecForge II Audio Recorder

The RecForge II Audio Recorder is a free audio recording app. It’s designed to enable users to record and convert, edit, play, and share their recordings in the most popular audio codecs. Mono/stereo, bitrate, sample rate. Also, you can use the app to record sound, note dictation, meeting, music learning, studio recording, rehearsal, EVP.

Recording can be done in MP3, M4a, Ogg, WMA, opus, FLAC, Speex, and Wav Codec. The app allows users to use external microphones, skip silences, extract sound streams from videos. You can loop on playing selection more features from this audio recording app.


  • It offers a versatile set of audio editing tools.
  • You can manage and organize your files with folders (copy, move, delete, rename).
  • Users can share their recordings to cloud service or share them with their friends on social media platforms and via email.
  • You can conveniently edit your recording, cut or crop, merge or concatenate to make basic arrangements like using for ringtones, etc.


  • It’s not easy for a beginner, it’s too technical.
  • It has a maximum timing for recording for some file formats.

The RecForge II Audio Recorder can be downloaded on Google Play Store directly into your Android device.

Android’s Stock Audio Recorder

Android’s Stock Audio Recorder Comes with your Android device, its fully functional recording app. From your Android device, you can record high-quality mp3 and it comes with multiple audio formats. It has a great interface that helps in the easy recording of any recordable sound.


  • This app is inbuilt into your Android device.
  • It can record high-quality MP3 format.
  • It has multiple audio formats.
  • The app allows for background recording.


  • The app has fewer customized features.

The app is free, its interface is very simple to use even for a beginner.

ASR Voice Recorder

This is a free audio recorder but contains ads. It’s one of the best audio recording apps for Android. It supports Android 5.0 and up, it’s ideal for journalists, students, musicians, and other professionals. The ASR Voice recorder comes with features that make this app an excellent voice recorder. It has all the tools that can create high-quality recordings.

Also, it has numerous file formats, you can add notes to a recording while recording. And you can control the payback speed on audio files. The ASR voice recording app allows you to skip silences, connect headset microphones with Bluetooth or arrange your voice recordings in your own way.


  • Users can save files in any format.
  • You can share multiple files with ease.
  • You can enjoy free excellent audio recording options.
  • It comes with an audio playback controller.


  • It does not have audio Transcription options.
  • It has only basic audio editing tools.

Get this app on the Google Play Store platform.

Call Recorder

The Call Recorder is one of the many free audio apps online that can be downloaded into your phone. It’s an app that can be activated to detect a phone call coming in and starts recording immediately. You can exclude some numbers from the settings. You can record with any file format. It has a PIN pattern as a form of security to protect your file. You can share your files and syncs with cloud services


  • It has a password pattern for security and privacy.
  • You can share files through SMS and Email.
  • Shares and syncs with cloud services.
  • Organizes call records.
  • The app can record both parties’ conversations.
  • It had blacklisting and whitelisting number options.


  • It does not function on Android 4.0 and below.
  • More advanced tools in the pro version of the app.

Audio recording apps that are free are online. These recorders enhance users to capture that special event inside their mobile device especially getting it uncensored and there many of such out there. To see more visit https://filmora.wondershare.com/audio-editor/best-voice-recording-apps-android.html.


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