Free Movie Streaming Apps: Top Free Movie Streaming Apps To Watch Movies And TV Series

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Are you looking for free movie streaming apps? If that’s the case with you, then you are in luck. On the internet today, one can find lots of platforms and apps where he or she can stream movies for free. But there is one thing that is always similar with these platforms and do you know what it is?  In order to make use of most of the online streaming apps and platforms, you will have to subscribe to them.

Free Movie Streaming Apps

Free Movie Streaming Apps

Most popular movie platforms and apps such as Netflix for example will require users to subscribe to a plan before they can access the services and contents within it. But do you know that there are actually many websites and apps out there that will still offer the same services as platforms like Netflix for free? Yes, this is true and in this post, I will be sharing most of these platforms with you.

If you, therefore, are one of the many users out there who have been left with no choice but to subscribe to most of these platforms, continue reading the contents of this post to get valuable pieces of information that you probably need.

Top Free Movie Streaming Apps

In a bit, I will be sharing with you some of the best apps and alternatives where you can stream movies for free. With these apps and platforms, you do not have to pay for a subscription or anything of the sort. Below are some of these apps and platforms to stream movies and TV series for free.


This platform and app is a very popular one. This app is ad-supported and it offers both movies and TV series for free streaming. Some of the contents offered here in this app and platform are both original and other contents that are not original. You do not need to set up an account in order to access the services of this app and also it is available on a wide variety of devices and handles.


Formerly known as FreeDrive, this app and platform is owned by Amazon. This app and service, therefore, is independent of the amazon prime platform. This very app is not limited to movies alone, as users can also access series and shows for free. This app unfortunately can only be accessed on PCs, IMDb apps, and within the prime video service.


This app and platform is quite interesting and also have found its way on this list. If you have got a library card, you will need to check if your library has partnered with hoopla. This very platform and its service allow you to check out various content including movies. So when you borrow one, you will have up to 72 hours to watch it. There is also the option of downloading on this platform for offline view.

Internet Archive

If you are looking for a place to get exactly what you are looking for including feature-length movies, then this is the platform for you. There is no fee associated with using the services of this platform neither do you need to sign up for an account. if you love classic content, then you need to visit this app and platform today. The archives of this platform however only exist on the web. So you will need a web browser to access it.


Just like hoopla, if your library does not offer hoopla, then it’s probably Kanopy. All you need to do is to check if your library has the services of this platform and if it doesn’t, you will need to ask for it. Started in Australia, this platform has found its way to major college campuses worldwide. And guess what? This platform is ad-free.

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