Free Music Apps – List of Free Music Apps to Get

Have you heard of free music apps before? If you have then now might really be a classy time to think further about it. Thinking of music all day, I have been wondering how I can enjoy music to the fullest on my android device. I searched thousands of web pages but found nothing. Just then I paused to think a little and found just what I have been missing. I decided to search the google play store and I found a lot of useful apps that could make you love music even more. In this article, I would be discussing some of the few apps that can help music growth around the world. The apps I would be talking on shortly are apps for both Android and iPhone devices. These apps can be used on either platform which makes it more promising to the music itself.

Free Music Apps - List of Free Music Apps to Get


The first and best app I could think of is spotify. This was my decision based on the fact that spotify can be tweaked to whatever it is you want to hear. Spotify is just like a radio station with a next button. This app also uses a feature called data saver. When this feature is turned on from the app itself, it helps minimize your data by playing good quality songs in a little lower quality. When this is done the song remains the same, it is almost as if nothing changed, but your data runs less fast now. Note that this isn’t just based on what I saw from any website, this is based on my personal user experience. The spotify app is very easy to use for those of you interested but you need an account to access it. You could create an account reading some of my recent blog posts.


Pandora, although I have a little experience with Pandora, I can say it is a great app that can be used for music entertainment on both android devices and iOS. This app is very much like spotify, the difference iOS that you enter the name of your artist or a song you want to listen to and the app would create your own radio station for you.

iHeart Radio

Bravo, one of the best apps so far. This app is part of one of the largest media group that runs over a total of eight hundred and fifty channels in the US. Using this awesome app, you have a chance to listen to the radio live from anywhere you are in the world. This app is just too amazing because there is no form of audio commercials on the station. You can listen to music freely using this app.

YouTube Music

Let’s talk a little about the audio music. Of course, you cannot talk about music and leave out the YouTube music app. This interface of this app is built in such a way that it looks like Spotify. If you are looking for an alternative for spotify, then this is the best app to try. It kind of gives you the spotify experience.

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