Free Online Technology Courses. In today’s digital era, technology surrounds almost all of our daily affairs, both professionally and personally, so much that we cannot be able to imagine this life without the digital era. The study of technology involves having an understanding, setting up, and maintaining systems such as phones and computer systems.


Within the very large area of technology, you have got so many options available to you. And if you want to begin the journey to the world of technology, then the Free Online Technology Courses can just help you get started. If you want to create a business of your own, you can learn to create your own mobile app.

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Stay safe in the world of technology, with a vast range of free courses available for you online. Swim into the world of data and learn how to build your data to work for you with these technology courses. It is just perfect for you. Let us get started.

You can learn about technology with free online courses from Stanford University, the University of Colorado system, and other top prestigious universities all over the world.

Education Sites for Free Online Technology Courses

Education does not have to be an experience – there are so many free courses to help build up your technical skills that do not require more than an internet connection, a computer system, a laptop or a smartphone. These eight online education systems offer free courses on almost any technical skill.

  1. Harvard online learning
  2. Code academy
  3. Udemy
  4. Whan Academy
  5. Dash General Assembly
  6. Com from LinkedIn
  7. Edx
  8. MIT Open Courseware

So if you are interested in starting a career or staying on top of technology headlines and the latest trends, any of these eight online education sites can just help you with that.

Note: these are not just the only sites for this particular course; there are others like Stanford University online, VMware and so many others. But these eight sites mentioned above specialize more in this course.

How to Enroll for Free Online Technology Courses

For you to be a part of these free online technology courses, you have to visit the site of the school or academy you would like to study at.

Then look for the course and begin your enrolment, but on some sites, you have to create an account with them first before you can be allowed to do anything on the site. Now let us enrolment procedures for the Harvard Online Learning platform. To enroll in this school, follow the steps below;

  1. On your web browser, visit this link “”.
  2. On the page, tap the search icon that takes the shape of a magnifying glass.
  3. Then type in “Technology”.
  4. A list of technology courses will be given to you, pick your choice by clicking on it.
  5. After that, click on “Take the course”.
  6. On the next page, click on “Enroll now”.
  7. You could choose to enrol with your Facebook account, Google account or Microsoft.
  8. Follow all other instructions given to you and get your enrolment started.

That is it.


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