Are you looking for a free scholarship in Nigeria? Are you a student in Nigeria in search of free scholarships? If you are then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be telling you of the various scholarship opportunities that are open to students in all tiers of tertiary education in Nigeria. All you need right now is to continue reading this article.

Free Scholarship in Nigeria


Free Scholarship in Nigeria

With the advancement in technology and the world at large, the cost of education is on the increase thereby forcing many from the educational systems. In places like Nigeria, this is a situation that is very rampant across the region and the government is doing little to nothing about it. This is a disease and it needs to purge out. But fortunately, there are various scholarship opportunities in Nigeria today.

Some of these scholarships are fully funded while some, on the other hand, are partially funded, meaning, that a percentage of your preferred school fees will be played by the issuer of the scholarship. But do you know that it is not all students that know about this? There are various scholarship opportunities in Nigeria today, but due to poor means of communication and the low standard of living, most people who would have benefitted from these programs knows nothing about them.

Benefits of Free Scholarship in Nigeria

There are lots of benefits to be enjoyed from these scholarship programs. With these free scholarships, you get to attend the school or institution of your dreams, all expenses paid for. Since it’s a scholarship you get to pay little to no fee for your studies. You will also get the opportunity to equip yourself in a world where degrees matters.

Documents Required For Undergraduate Scholarships In Nigeria

Applying for scholarships in Nigeria is simple and easy. Before you can apply for these scholarships though, you need to have some documents in place. These are the documents that will make you eligible for applying for any of the scholarship programs available in Nigeria. Below are the documents needed to apply for an undergraduate scholarship;

  • A school ID card.
  • A copy of your passport photograph.
  • Admission letter.
  • Local government certificate of origin identification.
  • O’level result.
  • Jamb result.
  • Birth certificate and,
  • National identity number.

These are the documents needed to apply for undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria.

List of Undergraduate Scholarships In Nigeria

Below are some undergraduate scholarship schemes for Nigeria students.

  • BEA Awards for Nigerians to study abroad.
  • Federal government scholarships for undergraduate, HND, NCE and postgraduate.
  • PTDF national undergraduates, masters and PhD scholarship to study in Nigeria.
  • Scholarships by oil companies for Nigerian students.
  • Exxon-Mobil undergraduate scholarships.
  • NNPC/TOTAL national merit scholarships.
  • NNPC-ADDAX Nigerian undergraduate scholarships.
  • Nigerian Agip oil company undergraduate scholarships.
  • Shell undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria.
  • Jim Ovia scholarship for Nigerian graduates and undergraduates.
  • MTN foundation undergraduate scholarships.
  • SEOF scholarship for secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate Nigerian students.

These are some of the free scholarship schemes that are presently on and available to Nigerian students. If you are a Nigerian student out there reading this article, do well to maximize these opportunities and apply today.

How to Apply For These Scholarships

Just as I have said earlier, you don’t need much in order to apply for these scholarships. First, you need to get all the required documents in place before you can apply for any of these programs. Once the documents are in place, visit any of these platforms online or you can search for them on GOOGle. On their web pages, you can directly apply.


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