Free TV Series Download: The Best Websites To Download TV Series For Free

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Did you know that in 2019 alone, the number of original scripted TV series that hit the air in the United States of America was 532? This is slightly higher than the 495 in the previous year. This number however as you should have known is consisting of all the genres in the industry including dramas, action, comedy, limited series, and others.

Truth is that more and more TV series and on the works these days and in any time from now, they will be hitting out TV screens. Now the question is this. If you are a series fan, how ready and prepared are you for this rush? This post free TV series download will be highlighting the best platforms and website where users and fanatics would easily download their favorites series and shows from.

Free TV Series Download

Free TV Series Download

There are lots of websites and platforms that offer the services of downloading TV series. At least on paper, this is how things look like. But here is something you should also know. If you have been downloading your TV series online. Then you ought to know that finding a place or platform where you can easily make downloads not easy. There are times where you might find these platforms easily. But you won’t find what you want.

Some of the platforms may only offer the service of streaming online and not downloading offline. Others on the other hand will offer the chance to download your favorite shows and series but only if you subscribe to the platform and set up an account. Lastly, there are those platform ad websites that will let you download your favorite series to your device for free with no strings attached, but the content quality won’t be as you have actually thought.

When it comes to downloading TV series, you should always consider the best platforms and websites to use. Some things to look out for when considering a website as a quality one are the number of times it’s being updated, content and video quality, availability of top trending and new shows and series, and others. But in the main time, these are the things you should look out for.

The Best Websites To Download TV Series For Free

Now that you already know that not all websites and platforms are great for downloading TV series, here is something for you. If you are looking for a place to download some TV series and shows for your viewing pleasures and you aren’t sure of the best sites or where to look, check my list of the best sites for downloading TV shows for free.

Yify tv

This website is a very popular one among users who refer to downloading their series online or streaming their TV series. This website is not like most websites that were only present in the business temporarily. Due to the fact that it deals in legit content, you can always trust it to deliver. Some of the key features that make the platform very lovable is its attractive and user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support. Downloads on this website are also available in 720p and 1080p. this website also has a large library of the latest series and shows in the market.

Grab The Beats

This is one of the most fast-rising platforms on the internet today. The library of this platform is a very huge and vast one. It is very possible to find all your TV series and shows on this website. The contents of this website like most of the websites that would be mentioned in this post are updated on a regular. This website has a very clean and attractive user interface. It has an average download speed of 2.3 MB/S. it has tons of mirror sites if you are a big fan of mirror sites. It has a huge and big active community of users, so you will always find support on the platform.


TV series page is another very popular platform among users on the internet today. Since its venture into series and shows it has amassed a bigger fan base. And unlike most websites, this very website is very light making to load faster. This platform supports torrent download speeds of up to 2.2mb/s. it has a simple and attractive user interface. There is a wide library and collection of movies and TV shows. There are no specified mirror sites.,

Torrent Downloads

Personally, this is one of my favorite websites to download TV series from. This website has one of the most vast and extensive libraries in the torrent scene. The website is easy to navigate all because of its attractive and simple user-friendly interface. The contents of this platform are arranged into categories for simpler and easier access. This platform also has some classic collections that you may not be able to find on other platforms. The average download speed n this site is 2.7 mb/s. although this website is blocked in some countries, it has a wide collection of TV shows, movies, and series.


This is yet another torrent website it is in fact one of the best of its kind as it is home to the latest shows, series, and games. It has a 24/7 customer care support service and boasts of the largest user base and active community. The platform and website is so large that it has got a search function in place. This function will help you easily navigate, narrow your search, and help filter results for quick and easy access. This website still has an old school look, but yet simple and attractive user interface. It has the largest single collection of the latest TV shows and series. The content downloads speed on this website is 2.0 mb/s.

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