Free Video Streaming Platforms are sites that stream good video content. Streaming videos online may be a real live upload of such content. Or streaming an already premier video. When platforms stream videos it has various reasons.

Free Video Streaming Platform: Best Platforms Free Video Streaming 2021

It may be to get the users connected to any program they couldn’t attend or be in attendance at a particular time.

However, there are different platforms hosting free video streaming via the Internet. Simply read on to find out those free video streaming platforms for your fabulous entertainment.

Free Video Streaming Platforms

Nowadays, companies or individuals use live video streaming as a basic means to engage or reach out to their clients. Apparently according to, streaming statistics of video viewers in the United States it’s on a rapid increase, and by 2022 it may be more than 249 million viewers. The demand for video streaming live is growing exponentially.

4 Best Platforms for Streaming

Free video streaming platforms are plenty online, so be rated among others such platforms must really be spice up to absolutely deliver what is biggest. There are as follows;


YouTube is one of the live streaming platforms that all clients must go for. It is a platform that anyone can use to upload video, stream your live video, at any point and anytime and every day. You can call the YouTube streaming service YouTube Live. You can stream from your mobile using the YouTube app.

Also, you can stream with an encoder, such as OBS studio, and by using your webcam, straight from your browser using Restream Studio. The YouTube platform is very well known by many consumers. It is powered by Google, its users friendly. It can be used for VOD hosting and for Live recording.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is another unique free video streaming platform. It offers “watch and Lives” services, this feature enables organizations and businesses to host content on-demand or make live broadcast content. Free videos streaming on Facebook are very easy and valuable connecting you to your audiences.

You can stream videos from your desktop, or mobile phones, your videos get saved directly to your page or profile when the streaming is over. However, if you use Restream studio enables you to stream live directly to Facebook and YouTube at the same frequency.

Moreover, you can use Restream Studio to stream live on different platforms as possible. You can use it to invite guests on stream, uploading of videos, and sharing of your screen with others. Facebook Live is free, live chat is enabled and the interface is friendly for users to use.

Instagram Live

Instagram platform since its got merged with Facebook has grown rapidly over the years. The Instagram platform is designed with features that enhance live video streaming such as filters for your videos. It has a notification blast that shows when you begin your live streaming.

It has the ability to off and on the live comments section. Also, after your live stream, your audience can view the video on your stories. Instagram Live is very easy and simple to stream from. Users can enjoy participation by commenting at will.


Twitch is a free video streaming platform that streams gaming-related content. It’s mostly streaming games-only content to its gaming community on the web page. Recently, going through Twitch sites shows that it’s leading in the live streaming industry as it seems to stream more than other sites.

It has grown as its audience is getting more interested in non-gaming content. Twitch has added new non-gaming content categories on its site. You can enjoy your free video streaming content on this platform.

In conclusion, every live streaming platform can help you broadcast your event to all your targeted audience. Therefore, get to use these few platforms mentioned in this article for your video’s online streaming content. Live videos are more engaging than recorded videos this makes your audience get more connected as videos are self-explainable.


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