As we know, this Covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot to step back to our usual day-to-day activities. There have been a lot of new activities that needed to be done to prevent the spread of the present virus or diseases like the wearing of facemasks, periodical sales, and curfew.

And also there is social distancing which has prevented us from moving from place to place regularly and stopping us from social gatherings (such as not going to church, schools, and other occasions). Of all these, social distancing should be taken seriously. And here in this article, I will be making a list of some of the gadgets that make social distancing more tolerable. Therefore make reading this list a top priority.

Gadgets That Make Social Distancing More Tolerable

Gadgets That Make Social Distancing More Tolerable

Gadgets That Make Social Distancing More Tolerable is a list of some gadgets to make you feel better during this quarantine or isolation period. You need not worry anymore for there are different gadgets that can aid us to endure and tolerate this social distancing this period. Below are some lists of gadgets that can make social distancing more tolerable for you:

DRL Racer X

This is the best among all gadgets that can allow you to tolerate social distancing. You could be at home yet get sight of what is going on around your environment using this drone. It moves with a speed of about 189.3mph (288.6 kph) and an average speed of 163.5 mph (263.1 kph). This gadget was tested as the Guinness World Record fastest drone. It lasts long as it has a durable 13000mah 2 x 5S R-Line Tattu Lithium Polymer Batteries.

Sony 1000XM3 Noise Canceling Headphones

This is an excellent-sounding headphone that is more comfortable and is 20% lighter than its predecessor. It has a strong battery life and offers improved noise-canceling which is very good for making calls. It can also serve as a personal rest device as it serves as a noise remover when it’s not been used to play music or make calls. You can get it from a shop mart or from online stores. Some of its features include:

  • Weight: 254 grams.
  • 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer drivers.
  • Redesigned headband and slightly softer padding on-ear cups.
  • Up to 30-hour battery life with Bluetooth and noise-canceling on.
  • A 10-minute quick charge gives you 5 hours of battery life.
  • New HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1.
  • Smart Listening by Sense Engine.
  • Quick Attention Mode allows you to have conversations without taking your headphones off.
  • Multi microphone array for improved voice calling.

Nanoleaf Canvas Smart Lights

This is a smart lighting system that can be used with popular smart home platforms and other personal assistants. This device is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Some of its features include:

  • Comprehensive setup instructions make installation easier.
  • Touch-sensitive panels create a riot of fun and colors.
  • A beautifully created app that provides easy exploration and inspiration.

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion

This device is comfortable as it can be used as a pillow and also a sound system. Some of its features are:

  • It offers binaural immersion with hi-fi sound combined with the sensation of touch.
  • Its sound quality is great and outperforms other sound systems.
  • Long-lasting life battery.
  • It can be connected to all Bluetooth devices and even cable connections.
  • Also, it is inter-connectable to the same sound source.
  • It has a washable vegan suede cover.

+Record Player

+Record Player is a player you can use for listening to your favorite music. Music is a pain killer, trust me. During this time, listening to good music and the ones that will motivate will give you the strength to go through this. This includes built-in speakers, so you wouldn’t need a Hi-Fi or sound setup. It can be connected through a phone or a flash drive since it has a USB port. You can purchase this gadget today and start enjoying your favorite music.

Aura Digital Photo Frame

This device enables you to add photos from your iOS and android app. It has unlimited storage. It includes motion and light sensors and also facial recognition software.

Philips Somneo Sleep And Wake Up Light

It is elegant and feature-packed sleep and wakes up light with long-lasting battery power. This device improves sleep and helps users feel more refreshed and comfortable when they wake up. It can also be used to play songs via a built-in USB port.

Gear VR With A Controller

This device allows you to experience virtual reality. You could use this device to connect more to another virtual world. It has a strap for holding it firm to your head and also foam cushioning which helps prevent too much light from seeping in. it has a remote control used to navigate your virtual reality with ease.  The remote has just a back key (home key), volume key, and trigger. It can be used for gaming also.

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