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ExpressVPN is an app that was created by ExpressVPN and it has a rating of 4.1 on the play store. This is one of the world largest premium VPN service providers. This VPN service is located in British Virgin Islands and it offers a high speed, log-free and reliable virtual private network that everyone can use to browse the Internet incognito.

 Get ExpressVPN

This application helps you prevent any online activity from hacking risks, and it also allows you to control your IP address, privacy such that you can appear to come from a different device and location. ExpressVPN software supports a number of operating systems and it is also available for your mobile device.

This VPN app is very easy to use, free to download and install, and the program is set up within minutes, it is also fast, reliable and efficient, with a few taps you can use to it incredible service.

ExpressVPN Features

ExpressVPN provides you with 100% swift global server network which circles all VPN features like no other and you can browse securely at the speed of light without having your private data prone to risk.

This service is much known for its design and anyone can set up its VPN service on any mobile device, connect to any web portal, unblock restricted areas’ contents, and choose online privacy at will, these are some of the function that this VPN service offers.

Various features offered by ExpressVPN vast service for all its subscription plans;

  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Constant customer support
  • Server in more than 145 cities in 94 countries
  • Strong Encryption
  • Zero logging of network traffic

What ExpressVPN Does

ExpressVPN is a private network which offer a very strong and secured tunnel between you and the internet. And when you are trying to access any website, everything concerning your internet traffic is passed through tunneling protocols and in that process it is encrypted. And if anyone should try to investigate on your internet activities it won’t be able to access anything because your system is protected and well secured.

ExpressVPN Plan and Pricing

We offer the best price to every of our customer to suites all their needs. It offers a premium plan in three different options.  You can choose the monthly purchase; the user is billed $12.95 selecting an annual purchase rids about 35% discount off the normal monthly subscription.

ExpressVPN Support

This our VPN service is always ready to support you. And it offers and instant and non-stop customer support via email and also on live chat. We also have our support staffs who are always ready to listen to every of your complains. And attend to every person who has few questions to ask as regarding to the service. This service also have tutorials, FAQs, and correction measures and they are well arrayed for every user to pick. And learn more about ExpressVPN service.

How to get ExpressVPN

  • Log in to the official webpage on your mobile phone or pc
  • Then is load the homepage, look very carefully till you see ‘’GET EXPRESSVPN NOW’’
  • It loads another page where you will have to select a plan that would work for and then you provide all the details needed
  • Then you pick the method of payment you want to do and it can be Paypal then you login into the PayPal to continue your registration.

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