GetJar is an independent mobile phone app store and also one of the world’s biggest open app stores for Android devices. It was founded in Lithuania in the year 2004.

The company was founded by Ilja Laurs, who is currently its Executive Chairman and Chris Dury is the CEO. This app operates only on java, windows, Symbian, and also Android devices. Every user of any of the mobile devices can get apps of different manners from



The GetJar platform is a very popular one. I haven’t come across anyone who loves downloading items online who do not know of this platform. if you have an android device and you haven’t made use of this platform as of yet, then you are really missing out.

You should try and visit this platform today and start making use of it. Trust me when you visit this platform you will not regret it. It has got everything for your downloading needs. From top to new apps, whatever it is you want, this platform has got you covered

Features of GetJar

GetJar offers different options and varieties of the app. Users can always select and download any app of their choice on their mobile devices on this platform. We have the Home, categories, and Apps tab feature. On its homepage, we have different categories of games. on this platform, there are also top apps and many more. and guess what? they can all be accessed and downloaded for free.

GetJar Categories

The items available for download on this platform are categorized for easy access and navigation. You already know that there are apps available for download on this platform. This means that all the games apps on this platform are categorized under the games category and the same goes for other categories. The list of categories on the GetJar platform are;

  • Games.
  • Social and messaging.
  • Productivity.
  • Entertainment.
  • Education.
  • Finance.
  • Food.
  • Health.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Maps.
  • Music.
  • News and weather.
  • Personalization.
  • Photos.
  • Religion.
  • Search.
  • Shopping.
  • Sports.
  • Tools.
  • Travel.
  • Wallpaper.
  • Widgets.

These are the number of categories on the platform in alphabetical order. Whenever you are looking for an app, let’s say the CNN app, for example, you should check the news and weather category. From that category, you will find the CNN app and any other app related to news and weather.

GetJar Apps

GetJar has the most popular current selection of apps and games for you to select from. It has three options available for users to choose to download from on the platform. It has the top, new, and the best of Google Play. When any user sees this he/she find it so easy to get what he or she is looking for.

In the top category under the apps category, you will find the top apps currently making the rounds on the internet. The new tab on the other hand shows you a list of the newly launched apps on the web and other app stores.

The best of google play however shows you the best and top apps on the google play store. The homepage on the other hand consisted of the top apps on the web and app stores and it also consists of apps from all categories on the platform.

How to Download GetJar Using App Store on your Mobile Device

The steps are very easy and every user can download all their favorite app right on this platform. All you just need to do is

  • Go to the official webpage on your mobile device
  • Then you enter your app on the search option, the search option is located at the top right corner of the homepage
  • You will have to click the search button
  • Then you click on the download button and its starts downloading into your mobile device.

That’s about downloading on the platform. Note that you can only download items on this platform on your mobile device. you can access this platform on your desktop device, but you cannot download it.


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