Capital One Credit Card ( is an official website for users who have pre-approved promotion offers for their credit cards. Members can visit the website only when they receive their reservation number and access code in the mail. That is to say, the Getmyoffer website is only for users who applied or received capital one credit card offers.

Capital One Bank is a leading financial services company that provides credit cards, banking, lending, insurance, retirement planning, and other products. To learn more about the bank and its offers, continue reading.

Capital One is a financial service founded in 1998 by two Harvard Business School graduates – Richard Fairbank and Michael Lasser. The card Offers & Rewards provide exclusive access to a variety of offers and rewards from Capital One, such as cashback, travel rewards, and more.

However, there are various types of offers members can receive. These include

  • Cashback cards or cash-back credit cards that offer cash-back rebates.
  • Gift cards. They are available for purchase from many retailers, including Amazon, Visa, Walmart, and Starbucks. Reservation number and Access

When you access the website, you will need to enter a reservation number and access code to go further. However, if a customer did not receive any capital one pre-approved offer in the mail, it means the person won’t be able to access the portal.

To receive offers from capital one credit card, you need a strong credit history and background. The reservation number and access code are verification numbers for everyone who received such an offer. You can find them in the offer letter.

How to Access Offers from

Here are steps to access offers from Getmyoffer;

Kindly wait for a response from capital one bank. However, it takes 7 to 10 business days to process the application. And if you are approved, you will get the mail with a link.

How to Check If You Are Prequalified for

If you did not receive any pre-approved mail from capital one, then you can check for the pre-approval status online following this guide;

Navigate to

Go to the pre-qualified field

You will need to provide some detail for verification such as

You will find out if you prequalify for the offer.

Capital One Credit Card

Currently, the capital bank offers three types of credit card they are;

After providing answers to the questions and sending your application it will take 7 to 10 days to receive the reply back. If you are qualified for a high-end credit card, you will receive a mail with the reservation number and access code. But if you are not qualified for it, you can still get a regular credit card.

Capital One Credit Card Login

To log in to your Capital One credit card account,

If you don’t have an online account, on the login page, click on the Sign-Up tab. Proceed with the on-screen prompt.

Capital One Credit Card Customer Service

If users have any issues regarding the Getmyoffers promos or website, you can contact capital one customer service representative. You have any issues regarding fraud, call the fraud protection helpline. Also, visit the official capital one credit card site for any issue regarding your credit card or call the number behind your credit card.


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