Have you heard of the GISMA School? If you haven’t heard of this school, then you are in luck. This article is all about the GISMA business school. GISMA business school is one of the top business schools in the world. Most aspiring business persons and students are now making use of this school to broaden their knowledge and their horizons when it comes to business.

GISMA School

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GISMA School

Just recently, this school has launched adverts on prominent platforms on the internet. And two very prominent platforms they have used is the YouTube and Google platform. If you are a consistent user of the YouTube platform, then you should have come across one of these adverts about the GISMA school. Now to take us further in this article, what is the GISMA School?

GISMA business school is a privately owned business school headquartered in Germany. This school has its main site in Hannover and then a branch in berlin. The full meaning of GISMA is the German international graduate school of management and administration.

This school was founded in the year 1999. This school also has four campuses of which three are in Germany and one in the UK. The four campuses are located in Berlin, Hannover, Hamburg, and London.

Ever since this school was established, it has paved the way and has produced lots of talented and skilled individuals in various business fields in developing innovative and tech-driven solutions to troubles in the business world.

Why Choose GISMA Business School

Your colleagues and friends are already making use of the school to broaden their business mindset. And if you haven’t applied for a program in this school, then you should. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose GISMA business school;

  • This school has four campuses in Germany and the UK.
  • This school provides excellent employment prospects as it has been shown by previous alumni of the school.
  • You will be taught by top professors from top global universities from all over the world.
  • There is a free beginner class for German and visa support.
  • 18-month post-study work permits when you graduate from the school.
  • Scholarship and flexible payment plans when you register with this school.

These are some of the reasons why you should register for a course with the GISMA business school. When you register and start your course with this school, you will learn about other benefits.

GISMA School Courses

To take us further in this article, here are the courses offered in this school, their location, and their fees.

German Language

Course type: foundation. The Course location: berlin and Hannover. Course fee: 1 -4 weeks – 220 EUR weekly. 5 – 12 weeks – 210 EUR weekly. 13 – 24 weeks – 205 EUR weekly. 25 + weeks – 200 EUR weekly.

Grenoble MBA

Course type: postgraduate. The Course location: berlin. Course fee: 31, 450 EUR. You will need to deposit a total of 2, 000 EUR.

Grenoble MSc Innovation, Strategy And Entrepreneurship

Course type: postgraduate. The course location: berlin. Course fee: 21, 450 EUR. You will need to make a deposit of 2, 000 EUR to start.

Grenoble MSc Marketing Management

Course type: postgraduate. The course location: berlin. Course fee: 19, 000 EUR. A deposit of 2, 000 EUR is needed before you can start.

Manager D’Affaires Internationals / MSc Management in International Business

Course type: postgraduate. The course location: berlin. Course fee: 20, 350 EUR. You also need to deposit 2, 000 EUR to start.

University Pathway Program

Course type: foundation. The course location: berlin and Hannover. Course fee: UPP pathway student kolleg – 9,950 EUR and UPP Pathway University – 10, 950 EUR. To know and learn more about the GISMA business school courses visit Here.

How to Apply for a GISMA Business School Program

Application for this program is easy. You can apply for a program in this school online or offline by visiting their campuses around the world. To apply online;

  • Go to GISMA.
  • On the GISMA homepage find the course you want to apply for and apply. A consultant will get in touch with you and if you meet up with the requirements, you will get an acceptance letter.
  • You will need to sign a study contract.
  • Pay the deposit required for your preferred course of study and make sure your position in the school is secured.
  • Next, contact the German embassy and find out about the visa process.
  • You will be called for an interview at the embassy.
  • You will be granted a visa to study in Germany.
  • Start your accommodation process Here.

You are now ready to go to Germany and start your studies.

GISMA Scholarship Form

GISMA business school also offers provisional scholarships to students. Therefore if you would love to make use of this opportunity, you really need to grab it now. This scholarship is awarded to students who are studying a degree program from the Grenoble Ecole de Management or the University of Law. The programs offered are;

  • Exceptional career scholarship.
  • Women in business scholarship.
  • Family scholarship.
  • Rector’s scholarship.
  • Principal’s scholarship for entrepreneurship.
  • Academic merit scholarship.

These are the scholarship programs offered in this school. To download this form, go to GISMA Scholarship Form. After filling the form completely, submit it to the GISMA school page.


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