Global Forest Watch Code for Africa Deforestation Journalism Fellowships 2020

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Applications for the Global Forest Watch Code for Africa Deforestation Journalism Fellowships 2020 are open.

Code for Africa is partnering with Global Forest Watch to empower African journalists to use Global Forest Watch tools and data to investigate deforestation in Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda, and publish a series of data journalism projects on the findings.

Global Forest Watch Code for Africa Deforestation Journalism Fellowships 2020

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The project is done in collaboration with partner organizations and This call is specifically for the training sessions set to start in November 2020 up to 2021.

Global Forest Watch Code for Africa Deforestation Journalism Fellowships 2020

We welcome data journalists and reporters based in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and Uganda to apply.

Upon participation in the workshop, participants will be invited to apply for a Fellowship opportunity that will provide them access to grants and mentorship to work on deforestation data journalism.

Climate change and urban sprawl is leading to deforestation across the continent and is fast becoming a major conservation concern.

The Congo Basin is one of the many places that has seen a rapid increase in deforestation. As part of this, Code for Africa is offering African journalists a free, intensive eleven-week online course to teach you critical data collection, wrangling, and presentation skills for producing compelling multimedia storytelling about deforestation in the Congo Basin.


November 23, 2020.

Benefits of the Application

  • Applicants are given access to up to 11 data journalism workshops (seven English and four French Sessions) on Skills development ranging from finding deforestation data. Working with spreadsheets, scraping, and visualizing data to mapping and satellite analysis.
  • The opportunity to apply for a grant to work on deforestation stories using Global Forest Watch data with exclusive support from Code for Africa‚Äôs data analysts and designers.
  • The opportunity to be mentored by experts in data journalism including access to technical support from a team of data scientists, new technologists, and many others.
  • Applicants will be given support for syndicating their work into international media, in Africa as well as elsewhere in the world, to help amplify the reach and impact of your journalism.
  • They get the opportunity to network and build collaboration with other African journalists that are interested in deforestation journalism.


The following criteria are to be met by the applications;

  • You should have demonstrable analytical research and/or media and journalism experience in any of the following areas; deforestation, the Nile Basin, Congo Basin, water, forestry, and plant life or any similar field.
  • You should be an established African journalist or digital storyteller (such as a blogger or social media influencer) with a minimum one-year track record.
  • You should be fluent in English and/or French (for applicants from Rwanda and Cameroon)
  • You must be an African journalist based in any of these four countries: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda.


Applicants are to submit by November 23, 2020. Have in mind that, late applications will not be considered. Fill this form to apply.

Visit Code for Africa for more information.


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