Gmail Login. Gmail is a free email site established 19 years ago by Paul Buchheit in the year 2004, April 1. The site had users that are up to 1.5 billion worldwide in October 2019. But currently, its users can’t be counted.


This site was offered by google to render help to search for messages and gigabyte storage capacity for emails. Also, where users can send messages that are about 25 and receive up to 50 messages.

Gmail Login

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. As of 2019, it had 1.5 billion active users worldwide. A user typically accesses Gmail in a web browser or the official mobile app. Google also supports the use of email clients via the POP and IMAP protocols

Gmail also helps to cease spam and malware, you can get Gmail in your mobile phone’s official app, and you can still use a web browser. Gmail help to keep emails and account private.

Gmail enables users to make video calls and voice calls and even chat with friends.  Gmail also secures better works that are very necessary for users without ad. Well, signing in to your Gmail will not be a bad idea don’t you think so? check out what this content has to offer on that note.

Gmail Login – Gmail Login to Mailbox

Have you signed up for a Gmail account and still find it difficult to sign in (login) to your account? Do you know that you can’t see your Gmail mail without signing (Gmail Login) in to the platform? Signing in to your account is very expedient and of great necessity. if you want to find out how to go about it, you have to keep reading.

How to Log in to your Gmail on Mobile Phone

Below is the process for login Gmail on a mobile phone

  • Put on your android phone or i0s phone
  • Go to your Gmail address
  • Click next
  • Provide your Gmail password
  • Tap next
  • Open the Gmail app icon
  • Click the “sign-in” button

Above are the login to your Gmail on your mobile phone.

How to Login to your Gmail Account on a Desktop Device

Below Are the step to log in to Gmail on a desktop. 

  • Put on your laptop or desktop
  • Go to
  • Fill in your phone number or your email address
  • Below the text box click “next”
  • Provide the password that you used to log into your Gmail
  •  You will have to wait for a few whiles for it to load
  • After it has opened, you can now log in to your Gmail account

Above are the step to log in to Gmail on your computer. With the above knowledge, will have to give you steps to follow in other to sign up for an account for those who don’t know how to.

Create Gmail Account New

Signing up for a Gmail account is very necessary and important that is if you want to access mail on the Gmail platform. when you have an account on the Gmail page, you will have no issues signing in to the account whenever you want.

How to Sign Up for a New Gmail Account 

To sign-up for a Gmail account, follow these steps below;

  • Open your mobile device
  • Head to
  • Tap create account
  • A sign-up form of Gmail will appear to you
  • Provide your mobile number to verify the account
  • Google will send notification text messages that contain a verification code
  • Fill out the form that will be shown to you with your identities such as your first name and your last name and your date of birth etc.
  • Choose your username, like as your google nickname

Now you have access to Gmail at any time and the above are steps to get the Gmail account. Next, we will be showing you how to log out of your account for security purposes.

Gmail Account Logout

It is very good to sign out the mail out of the web when you are through with it because of safety and privacy, being on your phone, especially on others’ phones.

How to Log Out of Gmail 

Below are the steps to follow;

  • Click the “remove an account” option from the “choose an account” screen
  • Click on the red remove icon on the screen
  • Lastly, click on the “yes to remove” button that is in the pop-up to confirm
  • Your Gmail account has been removed from the web browser completely.

But it will still remind you of your email address for easy and quick login. However, it won’t expose your main password. Above are the steps to log out of your Gmail.

Are you confused about what an inbox is? you shouldn’t be, read on and you will get proper clarity on what it really is.

Gmail Inbox

Gmail Inbox is said to be the process of sending messages. Nevertheless, it is a feature of a Gmail account. it is charged with the responsibility of housing messages or emails sent to your Gmail. When asked, you could say it is your email Gmail. The email is your message in your Gmail account.



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