Gmail Tabs – Types of Gmail Tabs –


Gmail Tabs

Gmail has now updated by creating and introducing a new way to display your mail’s inbox with tabs. These Gmail tabs help you group all your emails by their respective order. They have different tabs which all your mails are grouped under, and you can also add your own tabs. Some of these tabs are

  • Primary tab
  • Social tab
  • Promotions tab
  • Updates tab
  • Forums tab

These are the major and default tabs you see whenever you get a new gmail account.

Gmail Tabs - Types of Gmail Tabs -

The Primary Tab – Gmail Tabs

The primary tab is the tab that holds all the important emails you need, it contains your account confirmation emails, emails sent to you by people and all other emails that may be grouped under this category.

The Social Tab – Gmail Tabs

The social tab is a very important tab that needs to be viewed on a regular basis; this tab holds all your social accounts emails and notifications. The social tab is an amazing tab where you’ll see confirmation links, codes, and many more. On this social tab, you would see any updates on any of your social accounts linked or connected to your mail account

The Promotions Tab – Gmail Tabs

The promotions tab is a good tab to get any updates on promotions on your accounts or place of work. The promotion tab is very essential for you not to miss important emails although it may be insignificant.

Many other of these tabs are available and perform different functions i.e they store different mails respectively. The emails they save can also be customized depending on what you want them to store. In this article, I will be revealing to you how to hide or show different tabs on Gmail.

How to Add and Remove Category Tabs on Facebook

  1. Locate your mobile browser and launch it
  2. Hit the search bar and search for
  3. Locate the settings gear at the top right corner of the page
  4. Click on inbox tab
  5. Under inbox type, select default. Note that if you want to hide all the tabs just chose another type of inbox
  6. Checkboxes on the tabs you want to show in the categories section
  7. Now scroll down and hit on save changes to save the changes you made

Now to move a mail to a different tab all you have to do is just to tap the mail and drag it to the tab you want it to fall under. To hide a category uncheck the box of the tab you want to hide and click changes to save the changes you made.


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