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I bet you have never heard of Google Activities or perhaps you know a little about it. Sign in to your account today to view, assess and manage your activity and carry out any change if required. Google Activities is an active forum where you are able to find a lot including web pages and pieces of information you have searched for, videos you have watched and lots more.

Google Activities - Google Activities Controls

All these pieces of information listed above are saved in your Google account; you can find it as “My Activity”. You are in absolute control of whatever details are saved there and you could decide to delete past activities from your account.

When you make use of some Google services such as Google Chrome, Google search, YouTube, Google AdSense, these activities are saved to your account in form of data. These activities help you gain more experience on Google and makes Google more useful. The type of activity that shows in the “My Activity” tab all depends on the Google products you make use of and the kind of ‘Activity control’ you turned on. The “My Activity” is saved when you are signed in to your Google account. Your ‘Activity controls’ such as YouTube watch history and the Web and App activity controls most of the activities that are saved in your account.

Google Activities Controls

  1. Controls whatever activities you save in your account
  2. Review and control the activities in your account
  3. Manage your mobile devices information settings
  4. Share usage information with Google
  5. Deletes searches and other activities you do not want
  6. Manages and control Google voice and audit activities
  7. In charge of what other users see about you.

What does Google know about us? Everything! Yes, Google knows everything about you especially if you consequently use Google’s product and services. Services such as Google search, Google Chrome, Android, YouTube, Google map, Google Drive, Gmail, and other services. Google brought up the “My Activity” page where you can find almost every piece of data and information Google has recorded and collected about you for a whole lot of time including all the things you have done on the web. This forum is pretty useful. Do you know that with this “My activity” page you can see what Google is tracking? Yes, you can!

You might want to ask “what is this My Activity” page? The My Activity page is the central part where you can find all of the key details that Google has been recording about you for years. You could access this page by visiting but you will need to log in to your Google account first. On this activity page, you will find a lot of activities you have carried out including the Google services and products you have used. This “My Activity” page is displayed as a timeline and data are bundled every day.

Important Note

Note: the “My Activity” page does show a variety of information that Google has collected about you. But not all of them though. To find every other information go to the My Activity page and click on the menu icon at the upper left-hand side of the page. Tap on ‘other Google Activity’ and you will be directed to more Google trackers and more pieces of information.


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