Google App Dark Mode

The Google App Dark Mode is a Massive Hit on the Dark Mode Market

The Google App Dark Mode has been anticipated for a very long time! And if you also need this feature, then you should stay in this article. There is no doubt that you are a full-time Google user and must have heard of the dark mode feature. And if you have actually seen what it looks like, then you definitely love it! It is absolutely possible for you to make use of it. Google also supports the use of this feature. How? So many Google apps are compatible with this dark feature. So, if you use any Google app on your smartphone, then it may be possible for you to enable the Google App Dark Mode.

Google App Dark Mode

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Google App Dark Mode

For some time now, the Android community has anticipated the dark theme for applications, while Google still continued the use of white themes. Gradually, some Google apps and services have been adopting the use of this dark feature. Some apps that now support the use of the Google App Dark Mode include Chrome, YouTube, Calendar, and so many others. Before we move further to the app that actually supports the use of this night mode, why do people care about it so much? A lot comes in, as most people do prefer this dark interface. And it has been of great help to so many of its users. You may begin to wonder what it is all about, right? You can check out the next part of this article to get answers to your question.

Dark Mode

The dark mode feature simply has to do with a feature that switches your device’s background and apps to dark or grey backgrounds. So, if you have been sick and tired of the white backgrounds, this is your chance. Apart from bringing a fine design to your device’s screen, there are other benefits to it. This dark feature actually helps to reduce eye strain while staring at white backgrounds for too long. What else? It helps save your battery life too. The reason that these apps accept the use of this feature actually goes on from here. We are really glad to see that Google dark mode is arriving on apps. This article contains a list of apps that have the Google App Dark Mode. As time goes on, the list will begin the increase.

Google App Dark Mode iOS

If you make use of the iOS 13, you can change your white backgrounds in your Gmail app to black and gray backgrounds. This feature is compatible with Android and iOS devices. So, for all iPhone or iPad users, quickly check out the steps below.

  • On your iOS phone, go to your phone’s Settings.
  • From the options, select “Display & Brightness”.
  • You will find the themes on the page. Turn on the “Dark” switch.

This will turn your phone’s background to black or gray. Not just that! It also applies to other apps that support this theme, which includes Google.

Google Dark Mode Android

It is also possible for you to make use of this feature on your Android 10, let’s check them out.

  • On your Android device, open the “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Display”.
  • Find and turn on the “Dark Theme”.

This will turn on the feature for your phone’s background and other compatible apps.

Dark Mode for Gmail

If you are a big lover of dark mode, you shouldn’t miss out on the dark mode for Gmail. Gmail is a popular mailing platform in the mailing industry. For some reason, google felt they needed to add the dark mode feature as users seem to love it. The dark mode for Gmail brings a whole new feel and experience to users. The next two headers in this article would be showing you how you can activate the dark mode on whichever device you are using (must be a smartphone).

Dark Mode for Gmail on iOS

Here’s how to activate the dark mode for Gmail on iOS devices.

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  • On your smartphone, open the Gmail app.
  • At the top of the page, tap on the Menu tab.
  • From the options, select “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Theme”.
  • You will find theme options. From here, you have to select “Dark”.

That’s how it works.

Gmail Dark Mode for Android

Here’s how to activate the dark mode for Gmail on Android devices.

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • At the top, hit on the Menu button.
  • Select “Settings” and tap on “General Settings”.
  • Tap on “Theme”.
  • Choose the “Dark” theme.

That’s how it works!

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