What is the Google authenticator? Google authenticator is a security app that is developed by Google. Hence one can say that this app is one of the various products and services of Google. This security app helps keep your accounts from password thefts. The process of making use of this app is called the two-factor authentication process.

Google Authenticator

This is popularly known as the two-step verification method. This service has been in use for quite some time now. Popular platforms like Gmail, face, Instagram, and others offer this very type of service to their users. If you haven’t made use of this feature or added it to your platforms online where you require passwords, then you should.


Google Authenticator

Do you know that it is very easy for someone, anyone to steal your password and account details online? Yes, this is very true. When downloading software online a person might gain unauthorized access to your account and steal your password. When clicking on links in email messages, someone can also use this medium to steal your passwords.

One very popular means of stealing passwords from users online is when they make use of one similar password across various platforms online. These ways and so many more are the means through which your password can be stolen. And you know what happens if your password is stolen.

Unauthorized users may get access to pieces of important information and documents. And most especially they may get access to your privacy. You may be locked out of your account and the user may go through and even delete your contacts and emails.

Harmful and hateful emails may even be sent to your contacts and in the process, unauthorized users may even reset the password to other accounts such as banks and others. The goggle authenticator app on the other hand will help you keep your account and its entire details online safe.

How The Google Authenticator App Work

This app works in a very simple way. There is nothing hidden with this app. Some persons already know how this app works because they are already making use of the app. Now you may be wondering how this very app works.

Well, it is very simple and plain. Signing in to your account with this very app in place will work a little differently. You will enter your password whenever you sign in to a Google product as usual. After signing in as usual a code will e sent to your mobile device via call, text, or the mobile app.

When signing in or during this process, you may choose not to make use of the two-step verification process on the same system when next you sign in. next time you choose to sign in you will only require your password thereafter.

If you choose this option you have nothing to worry about as your account will still remain safe. This is because when another user wants to access your account from another device, he or she will be required for the two-step verification.

How To Set Up The Google Authenticator App

Before setting this app up on your device you will need to download and install it first. This app can be gotten from the Google play store and the apple app store for android and iOS devices respectively. After downloading and installing this app on your device, follow the steps below;


  • Go to your Google account here.
  • Tap security at the top in the navigation panel.
  • Tap 2-step verification under ‘signing in to Google’.
  • You will find a setup tab under the authenticator app section in the ‘add more second steps to verify it’s you’. Tap on the setup tab.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions from then on.

To make use o this app, your android device must be android version 4.4 and up.


  • Go to Google Account.
  • Select security from the top navigation panel.
  • Tap 2-step verification undersigning into Google. Tap set up under the ‘add more second step to verify it’s you’.
  • Follow the n screen instructions to complete the steps.

You will need the latest operating system for your device to make use of his app and feature.


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