Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Google birthday surprise spinner is an online new Google platform that allows special birthday celebrants to enjoy their day. This feature makes both birthday and non-birthday celebrant more engaged on Google.  This platform was designed to celebrate the achievements of Soren Peder Lauritz Sorensen (the chemist who introduced the pH scale to the world).

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner -

The google birthday surprise system became as a result of the release of a doodle. You can either play the game it selects or spins again to play another. This system is not only a birthday spin wheel but also contain a pack of games. The games that the google birthday surprise spinner offers are

  1. Play snake.
  2. Via giphy.
  3. Solitaire.
  4. Pac man.
  5. Dj like a hip-hop star.
  6. Earth day quiz.
  7. The battle against spicy peppers.
  8. Help pangolins find love.
  9. Hit the piñata.
  10. Haloween game.
  11. Arpeggios.
  12. Celebrate Clara Rockman’s theremin.
  13. Pony express.
  14. Explore the Galapagos islands.
  15. Animal sounds.
  16. Tic tac toe.
  17. Create a Fischinger composition.
  18. Play like Beethoven.
  19. Cricket cricket.
  20. Breathing exercise etc…

Above are a few of the google birthday surprise spinner games. To play any of the games just spin the birthday surprise spinner wheel. Any of the games the spin wheel chooses for you is the one you can play at that time. Alternatively, you can spin again if you do not like or want to continue with what you spun.

How to Access and Use Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

Accessing and using google birthday surprise spinner is not difficult at all. Unfortunately, a lot of people see this as a difficult task as it is a new and quietly launched program. to access google birthday surprise spinner, visit the google birthday surprise spinner web page at Once the web page opens the wheel will automatically spin under the google search bar. You can simply spin again or continue with what you spun by clicking on the “click to open” button. That is it.

Note: you can also save the page URL as a bookmark for a particular game you like. This is to ensure easy access to this particular game later. Once you save the page URL as a bookmark, you do not need to spin the wheel again to access that game. All you have to do is just click on the bookmark.


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