What is ‘Google bookmarks’? Before you start pondering about the meaning of the latter, remember that there are two words there you probably know about as to the fact that they are very popular. We have Google and bookmarks.

In other words, one can easily say that the topic is all about a Google product. Now that we have ascertained that, what therefore is ‘Google bookmarks’? ‘Google bookmarks’ is a product of Google. Or it is a Google feature. This very feature or product is more like a shortcut where you save your favourite web pages and sites. This tool is very important and useful when you learn of its vast importance.


Google Bookmarks

The internet as you may have known by now is the central hub of knowledge currently in the world. All thanks to the internet, ding things and getting access to information is never difficult and hectic as it used to. With just a click of a finger, you can now access all you need to information-wise. If you are a regular user of the internet then you should understand what I mean. But come to think of it, who, in this modern age is not a regular visitor or user of the internet?

Well, personally I don’t really know about a time when I am not online. Even when I am eating i am still on the internet, searching for information, always wanting to be on the know. And do you want to know why I am always on the internet? If you have been following me on this article, you should have an idea about this already, but if you haven’t here it is.

The knowledge and information shared on the internet are vast and unending. Every second that passes, information and pieces of knowledge are being shredded on platforms and webpages on the internet. These days if you want to be in the know about happening around you, and then the internet is a very good place to start from.

The internet has got about everything you need to prosper in today’s world. And like you already know, to succeed in these modern times you need to be on the know at all times as things are always changing. Now the question I know you already have on your head is what is the connection or where do Google bookmarks find themselves in all of this. Well, it is very simple and straightforward. Continue reading to find out.

Importance Of Google Bookmarks

Where the position of Google bookmarks is in today’s world and the internet one may ask. There are times I bump into some web pages on the internet and it just might be that at the moment I don’t have time to access the contents of the web page. Or it might also be that due to the time factor I was not able to go through the contents of a webpage. In a situation like this, what do you do I you were in my position?

Well, I have just about the perfect solution for you and this is where the Google bookmarks come in. with the help of Google bookmarks I can easily save the webpage for future reference. It’s that simple. All you need to do is to click or tap on a button and that’s it.

Your favourite page would be saved almost instantaneously. And you can get access to them just about whenever you want. And in the course of this article, I will be guiding you on how to bookmark web pages using the Google bookmarks tool.

How To Create A Google Bookmark

Creating a bookmark on Google is easy and free. It doesn’t take much or a long time to do. And luckily for you, you are going to learn how to do this today and none of your favourite web pages will slip through you again. To add or create a bookmark;


  • Open the Chrome app on your desktop PC.
  • Visit the site you want to get access to again in the near future.
  • Click on the star icon to the right side of the address bar.

To find a bookmark;

  • Open Chrome on your computer.
  • Click on the More icon at the top right corner of the chrome page.
  • Click on bookmarks from the drop-down.
  • Locate and click a bookmark.


  • Open the Chrome app on your android device.
  • Visit the site or webpage you want to make reference to again in the near future.
  • Tap more to the right of the address bar and then tap on the star icon.

To find a bookmark

  • Open the Chrome app on your android smartphone or tablet.
  • Tap More at the top right corner of the chrome app.
  • Tap on bookmarks and then on the bookmarks page, locate and tap on the bookmark of your choice.

iPhone and iPad

  • Open the Chrome app on your device.
  • Visit the site you want to bookmark.
  • Tap More and then tap on the bookmark.

To find a bookmark

  • Open the Chrome app on your device.
  • Tap more and then bookmarks.
  • Locate and tap on a bookmark.

That’s all about creating and finding bookmarks on Google. Note that you can also edit bookmarks on this page.


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